Incredibly Romantic Love Story Started in First Grade (VIDEO)


When Heather Campbell first met Greg Arpin, she was only 6 years old. The two were in first grade, but she knew. She told her mom: "I am going to marry him." He even proposed with a blue, plastic dinosaur ring Campbell -- now an adult -- still has.

Now, nearly two decades later, the two have finally made good on that promise and will wed this weekend. This is a story that makes me really believe in fate. Of course, I already did considering I met my own husband in the fifth grade back in Dayton, Ohio.

It may sound insane or even unhealthy, but in both cases (mine and Campbell's), there was a long break in between.


Campbell moved away to New York (I moved to Massachusetts), and it was only later that they reconnected. The same thing happened to me. And then sparks.

If someone told me a story about a couple who never dated anyone else through their whole childhood, I might say that's less romantic and more problematic. But a story where the two people met as children and then re-met? That makes me think fate played a hand.

Come on, how else do you explain it? My husband and I hated each other as kids. We ran in very different crowds. There is even a passage in my sixth grade journal detailing a scuffle we got into where he hit me with his crossing guard pole. And as he says to me: "You would have hated me in college." It's possibly true. He was insane and way too much of a party boy for my taste back then.

We re-met at the perfect time. We had both dated others and experienced a bit of life, but we knew almost right away that this wasn't our plan but the plan of some higher power. How else can you explain two children growing up down the street from each other, attending the same elementary school, and then ending up in the same city 700 miles away 12 years later?

It's fate! Like Campbell and Arpin, I feel very lucky that my soul mate was handed to me in elementary school and I hope the same for my kids. It makes the searching very easy, indeed.

Do you believe in soul mates and fate?


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arlis... arliss123

This is very sweet. But I don't think there's necessarily anything wrong with being togethter all your lives.  There are plenty of couples who were just meant for each other. I was my husband's first girlfriend, starting in 10th grade, and he was my second boyfriend, if you can count the boyfriend I had in 8th grade.

jaxmadre jaxmadre


Doomy234 Doomy234

Aw. Thats so sweet. My best friend's little sister had a little boy ask her to marry him in second grade and he gave her a ring from a quarter machine. Then in fifth grade he updated the ring with one of those $15 gemstone rings from Walmart. I hope they stay together. Its so cute. xD

I didnt meet my husband until my junior year in high school, and he had already graduated. It was on my favorite holiday of all time, Halloween. I went up to his door with a trick or treat and a very interesting costume to say the least, and he answered the door with a cigarette sticking out of his mouth and looking very guitar playerish and plopped a handful of candy in my bucket. Lol. Little did I know at the time that this man would end up being my soulmate when we actually met 2 years later. :)

Tracey Plummer

That is so sweet. My daughter is six and last year she was married on the playground. They divorced, but just this week he told her he wants her back. Then he got in a playfight with an older boy and told her "This is for you babe." They are planning to re-marry next week, under the slide.

The idea they could grow up and end up married is actually kind of sweet.

nonmember avatar Naomi

My parents have a very similar story. They met when they were 5 and in the same kindergarten class. They were friends growing up, dated for a while in middle school and again in high school. Then just after college they got together at a mutual friends new years eve party and got married 2 years later. They have now been together 28 years.

Matthew McCrady

You're confusing fate and coincidence. You made choices in your life that brought you to the same town where your now-husband lived. If you had made different choices, you would have ended up living a different life. But nonetheless, you made the choice. You have free will. Fate is simply the romantic figment that people use to convince themselves they made the right choice.

nonmember avatar samantha

my daughter is 4 and her boyfriend is 5. he already asked her to marry him and he tells anyone who will listen that she's his girlfriend. he even called and asked her to come over for dinner :) even 200 miles apart, they haven't forgotten about eachother... it would be so cute if they ended up married one day! his mom and i already decided that we approve :)

Alex Dobson

This story is so cute! I haven't had the fortunate fate that they had, so I have turned to the online world to see if fate can help me there. I don't have the courage to try the standard websites that set up one-on-one dates, so I found the perfect medium for me. BlendAbout ( is a site that creates dinner events with groups of people. It's hard to find time to create them myself, and the group event, at least I think, raises the probability that fate will match me up with someone.

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