Maybe Marriage Should Come With a Two Year Contract


bride and groomLove and marriage don't always go together like a horse and carriage. Regardless of the romantic notions we have about marriage, what it boils down to is this: Marriage is a partnership, romantic and otherwise. And partnerships are business agreements too. Whether you do it for love, for money, for health insurance or because it’s arranged for you, we all know that marriage takes work. And we all know that it sucks when it's not working. Sometimes the work is worth it, and sometimes it’s not. You don’t know until you try, and for some people, trying isn't good enough.

Mexico City may soon make saying I don't as easy as saying I do. The city, in which half of all marriages fail, is thinking of enacting a renewable marriage contract so that couples who realize they just aren't into each other can get it over with clean and hassle-free. Kind of an opt-out option.

The idea is that newlyweds can take a certain amount of time, up to two years, to decide that they'd rather "dissolve then renew" their wedding vows. This isn't the government telling people how to be married, but it seems to be a way to make it easier for the government to help people get out of jail free. Besides, being able to check in after two years together is good for any relationship. It gets people working harder to make it work.

I believe that marriage shouldn't be entered into lightly, but I also think that sometimes it is. And I'd rather see it be easy for a couple to opt out early on, then to decide to stay together because it's just too difficult, or expensive, to divorce. We've all made mistakes, maybe not all our mistakes are as big as marriage, but there are some of us out there who have. 

Besides if you could try, and get out easily if need be, wouldn’t that make you want to try harder? I know it would me.

Do you think newlyweds should be able to opt out?  

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manna... manna8288

I think we should have common law divorces. We have common law marriage so why not a divorce if the couple has been seperated over a certain amount of time. I dont think I would like a two year marriage sounds like a hassel to remember to go every two years. Do you get to stop renewing it after a certain amount of time or would you have to renew it for the rest of you married life?

Brooke Williams

no. if you don't think you can be married for more than two years, don't get married.

Fp Cassini

Modern Mexico catching up with old Europe: handfasting goes back at least to the early 1700s. From Wkpdia: "Customs may vary widely between various non-Christian native Europeans but many handfastings were traditionally for a period of up to seven years. At the end of the designated period of time the participants choose to recommit to the relationship or are free to make other choices in their lives. The handfasting tradition is not based upon ownership or property, men and women both have the right to own property. There is no shame implied or applied to either party should a handfasting not be renewed."

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