Most Women Are Lesbians & It Makes Perfect Sense Why


For those of you who think your sexuality is fixed and stationary and never changes, you are missing a whole rainbow of colors. In fact, 60 percent of women are bi-curious and have fooled around in some way with another woman. And I'm not a bit surprised. Sexuality is never simply black and white.

The fact is, women, especially as they age, are going to be attracted to women. We are encouraged to have close, emotional friendships, and often as that desire to be closer grows, so too do the Sapphic ones.

When we are younger, we may be more reserved about our sexuality, less willing to experiment (or more willing to just be silly and daring, but not sincere). Once we have been around the block, we are more comfortable with ourselves and our sexuality and we will experiment more.

Sexuality has never been one or the other, as much as many (especially men) would like to believe it is. Sure, there are people who are 0s or 10s on the scale, meaning they are ultra-straight or ultra-homosexual. But, like any continuum, that means most people are in the middle.

This is the truth. We are programmed by our upbringing as to whether we act on those feelings. I am grateful every day that I grew up in a home where my parents were well-educated, open, well-traveled, and comfortable with themselves or others. I have always known I could be whatever I wanted to be.

I happen to be on the straighter end of the spectrum, it's true. But I also don't think it's impossible to change as you age in either direction. We need to get past this idea of gay and straight and accept that most people are somewhere in between. We would be a much happier, more sexually fulfilled society if we did.

Too few people are getting good sex and the kind that fulfills them. That is a sad truth. Maybe if we opened our minds, we would see that happiness is just an expanded color palette away.

Do you think these numbers seem right?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Most women are not lesbians. You just said yourself that most people are not hard up against either end of the scale. Most people are bi is what you meant to say.

zandh... zandhmom2

I personally couldn't care about anyone else except myself and my sexuality has always been black and white.  I am a #0 on the scale. Though I can appreciate a beautiful woman for her beauty, I have never felt any sexual attraction to another woman. 

hotma... hotmamaof3_86

i agree, i can become aroused by thoughts of other women, but i have no desire to actually act on anything and frankly, it grosses me out to think of actually being with a woman, if that makes any sense at all. i'm not for being gay, though i've had thoughts, which are only that. thoughts.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I admit that I find women attractive. In fact, put an average man and woman in a room together and I will likely think the woman is more attractive than the man. However, this does not mean I feel anything sexual towards women. I can appreciate beauty without being turned on by it. I am quite straight and feel sexual only towards men.

Alicia Lili Mauer

I think you need to double check what "lesbian" means. I have been with other women and it's an enjoyable experience. Certain women do have the ability to turn me on. However, I identify as straight. I've never sought a romantic relationship with a woman and I don't actively search for women to have sex with. You're right that sexuality (and gender identity) are fluid and there's a lot more gray area than black and white, but fantasizing about or even screwing a woman doesn't make you a lesbian. Bi-curious? Yes. Bi-sexual? Maybe. Lesbian? Not unless you solely desire romantic and sexual connections with women. 

bonni... bonniecole

I can understand respecting beauty for exactly what it is. It is although, difficult for me to understand comments made by "hotmamaof3". I do not see, nor agree with, the fact that you can be aroused by and have thoughts of other women, but claim to have not had the desire to act on the thoughts. But if you are having mental images and/or thoughts about a woman, it is hypocritical to say youare grossed out by them. I think you were slightly confused by your own wording, lol, and I possibly am too.
I am not judging you, if you dont like women, thats fine, I totally respect you. I do like women, I am bisexual, and I commented mainly because comments like the above mentioned, confuse actual bisexual people like myself, :p. lol. It just confuses me how you can claim to have become aroused by thoughts of a woman, but then claim that those thoughts gross you out... Doesnt make sense. :)
Not trying to be a pest, just trying to have a better understanding of women. :)

bonni... bonniecole

I like your comment Alicia Mauer

sunny... sunnybunny5us

Someone could be turned on by the thought of something but not by the actual act. I don't think that's far fetched at all.

jlynx0 jlynx0

I'm bisexual. I could be in a relationship with either a woman or a man. I kinda agree with Doomy234, Put a Man and a Woman in a room, And I will think the woman is more attractive most of the time. But, that being said, I like being sexual with a man more than a woman. I'd say i'm dead on in the gray area. I wonder where men fall? 

mustb... mustbeGRACE

Women are Mom.

Uh, NO!


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