Your Social Media Addiction Is Ruining Your Marriage


Everyone has a Facebook account these days. In fact, my brother's cat has his own account (although his updates are sadly lackluster). But along with learning who recently ate a burrito for lunch, it turns out that Facebook and other social networking sites are being named as cause for ruining many marriages.

According to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Facebook use is now cited in one in five of every US divorce cases. Over 80 percent of divorce lawyers claim that the rising use of social media has become the catalyst for extramarital affairs.

But really does Facebook cause divorce?

The thrill of being acquainted with old friends can be enough of a turn-on to spark casual conversations. Those personal conversations, between two emotionally available people, can lead to a deepened sense of intimacy which can lead to actual physical contact.

It's highly unlikely that a harmless Facebook poke is given with the idea of conducting an extramarital affair. It's more likely that these people, some of whom have previously dated, are interested in catching up on old times, and these personal interactions can lead to deeper, more meaningful connections.

These connections can easily turn sexual and suggestive, as online connections have a way of becoming more personal and emotional more quickly. If your personal partnership is no longer fulfilling you, it's easy to turn to people who "knew you way back when" and establish a new connection, rather than facing marital problems.

It's incredibly simple for online media to become a safe haven to hide from actual, real-life problems. Which is precisely what Facebook offers you. Where else can you easily reconnect with someone with whom you haven't spoken in 20 years? How much easier does it feel to type words into a keyboard rather than say to your partner, "I'm having a problem with our relationship."

The answer is, of course, MUCH EASIER.

Facebook, of course, doesn't cause divorce, but it certainly makes it easier. Yikes!

What do you think? Does Facebook cause divorce?

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Happy... Happypancake

Alcohol doesn't kill people, but drunk drivers do... It's just a crutch to use as an excuse for an underlying problem.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I get poked by many in 1 day I do not think it would cause divorce , I am not married nor are these guys poking me, Now I log in and find love messages from some men, I simply tell them I am not on facebook to date or LTR .

nonmember avatar Bunny

People ruin their marriages all on their own.

PonyC... PonyChaser

This problem is the same everywhere... guns don't kill people, people do. The gun doesn't pull its own trigger. Facebook doesn't cause divorce - it is an inanimate 'object' that cannot do anything for itself. It is the people attached to it who go into these situations, eyes wide open.

Just like the guy who used the "it slipped" excuse when caught with another woman - there is always a conscious choice to get involved. And a conscious choice to displace the blame somewhere else, because it's always easier to blame the gun, the penis or the facebook than it is to stand up and take responsibility for your own actions.

nonmember avatar Liz

Facebook doesn't cause divorce any more than video games cause divorce. If you are willing to put such things before your spouse, you'll be headed for divorce, one way or another.

tksho... tkshoults

An individuals personal decision to do something stupid which over steps the bounds of the marital agreement & trust that your spouse has in you is what can cause a divorce.. Any reasonable person should be smart enough to know what it acceptable & not acceptable within a marriage, if not, they have issues..

I have ex's on my facebook page (we are friends now), but I also have a personal motto- 'I never go backwards, always move forward'.. There's a reason my relationships didn't work with my ex's & I'm not one to try & redo a relationship that will most likely end up the same way again!

Amber... AmberMerrell

I agree fb makes it easier, but the people that choose not to work on their problems is what ruins marriages. It's up to you & your spouse to fix the marriage & yourselves.

J9Mommy J9Mommy

My hubby and I actually have more fun with FB, together.

We are such nerds. Posting funny things on eahcother's pages or highjacking the other ones page. Plus, if we are at home ( we have 2 computers) and I see him on there, I might post something random on his wall, like "let's leave," and then he bursts out laughing.

I agree with what others posted above me as well.

Paras... ParasAngel0710

Guns don't kill people, pens don't misspell words. So why would Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ruin a marriage? There are plently of lowlifes out there that would rather start an affiar and blame facebook then try and fix it or even own up to the fact they are cheating @$$holes. Simple as that. If you have problems in your marraige fix them or get out, but don't blame others.

Freela Freela

If I was hooking up with past flames on Facebook and it ruined my marriage, that would be MY fault- not social media!  If I called up an ex on the phone and had an affair with him, would that be the fault of the phone book?

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