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nonmember avatar lovesextips

I really love these ideas!! they turn me and my boy friend on!! a few are weird i have to admit but they were very usefull! especially the number 28!! it worked very well even with two kids!! love them!!

mercu... mercury1975

I see an major inequality here: Numbers 6, 11, 15, 16 and 32 are specifically catered to male pleasure.

Women only have 22 and 36.

That is really NOT making me (a female) super hot! I would expect an EVEN amount of gender activities on this site. Why isn't there?

nonmember avatar sexycloe

what the fuck were the 2 partners doing when they thoght these up lol borded i guess

nonmember avatar michele

I'm loving this,except for paying your partner for sexxx...why?? but great tips overall

nonmember avatar jack sprat

#49 -- Then, when your neighbor's amateur photography ends up being traded among your child's middle school chums, share a bonding moment!

nonmember avatar abcedef

What will do with that banana after?'??? Eat..?????

nonmember avatar michelle

I only read the first few comments...and you b****** are lame... I give props to the ladies that came up with this list... way to go on thinking outside the box!!

tan100 tan100

Outside of the box thinking! I don't know if the author has read 50 Shades of Grey but that book gave me and the hubby some kinky ideas. Only tried blindfolding and hand cuffs so far. Anyone else tried out any of the ideas in the book? ;)

chris... christie510

I've tried quite a few of these tips! Massaging each other always gets us in the mood as #48 suggests. Oh yes and I agree with you tan100. Some of the 50 Shades kinky stuff can take your sex life to another level.

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