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surfg... surfgrl60

I hate sex

Erica Goodstone

Interesting and creative list of ideas. What happened to good old fashioned "vanilla" sex? #8 bothers me because email can sometimes, inadvertently, be sent to the wrong people, such as your entire list of professional colleagues.

nonmember avatar Dr. Imagination

Good god people! Don't you know how to use your I M A G I N A T I O N?! Sex isn't just physical. Sex uses all of the senses as well as your brain.

Pedro Marques

Most men cannot separate ORGASM to EJACULATION. See how do it in this links:

nonmember avatar Raven

Hmmm.... I've actually done most of these things with my fiance already, but this is an AWESOME list! Hey, if he pays me for sex, can he pay me in chocolate? By feeding it to me?

Gen Morris

LOL, what about a cucumber? With a condom, and let it get cold first, it's a totally different experience, and cheaper than a vibrator, lol!!! I love this list, other than the banana peel idea, I think me and my love have done it all!!!  :)

nonmember avatar Bob

OMG - don't know how I got here, but I'm bookmarking it ! If u only knew how horny your tips make me - here's a tip - instead of climaxing while spooning, just relax while remaining fully engaged-my partner and I both fell asleep; awoke and found we were both incredibly aroused and had the hottest sensual sex ever !

Bugsm... Bugsmom0307

I like these ideas! Totally bookmarking this! I think I'm going to get started on that sexy story now ;)

nonmember avatar john

Cmon men want blowjobs, my alarm clock is a bj after dinner a bj and before bed a bj. Thats it girls. Even one a day will entice your hubby to do whatever you. I work i cook I do my girls laundry i clean and when she wants pleasure i do whatever she demands until she is finished. I even give her my check and she gives me gas and lunch money. bjs create happy giving honest faithful men. No bjs creates miserable lying infaithful monsters until divorse. BJS BJS BJS BJS thats all it takes girls. Its Relationship Magic.

nonmember avatar tamtamiamiam

Hell, if I can get him to pay me for the sex, Can you imagine what I can get for doing the damn Dishes,and Laundry...ROFLMFAO!!!! hahahahahaaa

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