8 Ways Rob Pattinson Could Propose to Kristen Stewart


twilight eclipse robert pattinson kristen stewartEver since Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been rumored to be head over heels for one another off-screen as well as on, there have been just as many rumors that the Twilight couple is getting engaged. But now that Rob's 25 and Kristen's 21, it doesn't seem so odd that they might make that their next move. Plus, it would be fitting for them to take their relationship to the next level and tie the knot, just as Edward and Bella will soon do on screen. (Or is that just a Twi-hard's fantasy? Haha!) 

Here, eight perfect ways Edward Rob could propose to his co-star-turned-soulmate ...  

  1. Do an exclusive interview, in which he proposes, with one or all of the major tabloids. - They've been waiting with bated breath for the big moment more than anyone, so why not involve them? Plus, he could probably get big bucks for it, which would only be fair, since they've been banking on his relationship for a few years now, too! And since he and Kristen wouldn't really need the moolah for their wedding, they could give it to the charity or nonprofit of their choice ... like Citizens Against Really Aggressive Paparazzi (just kidding!).
  2. Make like Eclipse. - He could sit Kristen down on her bed, talk her ear off about how if they lived in a different time or place, in which they weren't world-famous, he would have been able to take her out for dates without being followed by cameramen, and they would have been able to tell everyone they knew that they were together for the past three years. Then, he could place a ring box in her hand, and say, "Kristen Stewart, I promise to love you every moment, forever. Will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?" Creepy vampire contacts optional.
  3. Make like Jacob. - He could give her the bracelet Jacob gave Bella, except with a ring on it ... just to reinforce that he beat Taylor Lautner!
  4. Order some VERY special Twilight merch. - You know those "Mrs. Robert Pattinson" tees teen girls (and I'm sure some women of all ages) go goo-goo for? He could give one to Kristen with a cheesy line about how it was made for her and will always be ... for the rest of their lives!!
  5. Get down on one knee at the red carpet premiere of Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part One. They've waited so long to "come out" as a public couple! Why not do it with some real panache?!
  6. Have Bear deliver the goods. Their furry "kid," a mutt they adopted together, should totally be involved in the proposal!
  7. Propose over a homemade dinner and wine. The two are rumored to be homebodies who enjoy good food, a nice glass of wine, and quiet nights in. Maybe going low-key would be much more their speed.
  8. Go back to Brazil. The two reportedly had a love nest all set up when they were filming Breaking Dawn. Rob could take Kristen back to this balcony to pop the Q!

These two seem blissfully in love, so it doesn't really matter how he does it or even when. Pardon me while I hopeless romantic geek-out, but the fact that on-screen love has carried over to real life and seems to be going strong is good enough for me! 

Do you think these two will get engaged soon? What do you see being the ultimate Pattinson proposal?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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Brandy Quebodeaux

My favorite idea was the red carpet proposal!!! But they r all good and it should not matter to the fans it should matter to them!!! We might not like the same things they do

nonmember avatar emma

There is absolutely no way Rob would propose using at least 7 of those suggestions. For one, he would never do a Twilight themed proposal and that was like 7 of the 8 items. Number 7 is really the only one he would go for.

nonmember avatar Vee

Awwww...that is so sweet...love, love all your suggestions but i'll definitely go with the furry Kid!

Sumaya Robsten

i love them,red carpet proposal will be best for them.i dont know that how much this news is true.i always pray it to god.but if it not true and if they r split,i will die.

Sumaya Robsten

robsten is my life,rob is my soul

nonmember avatar Lauren

Number 7 is probably the best one for them. Neither of them are fame hungry, nor do they particularly want the huge attention of a proposal at the premiere. I can actually see number 7 as a really strong possibility.

nonmember avatar tina

I totally agree with Emma.both of them are to down to earth to have the public see this.if and when he does he will do it in a intimate less crowded atmsphere.

nonmember avatar TRH

Def. if any of those it would be #7 in London. Somewhere it's just the two of them. Very PRIVATE and LOW KEY!!!! They don't go for publicity. Can you blame them. I don't care where or when., or how....just so that they get married. THEY BELONG TOGETHER!!!! THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER!!!! MADE FOR EACH OTHER!!! ~<3~ I can't wait til they have kids. They will be so beautiful.

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