Skydivers Who Had Sex Mid-Air Had Right Idea


Alex Torres is a porn star and part-time skydiving instructor who decided to combine his two loves and landed in a legal mess. Torres and Hope Howell, both of whom held jobs at Skydive Taft (she is the company's secretary) had sex in a plane before jumping out in tandem and continuing the act midair.

Now he has been fired, she may be and the FAA is examining them because, while there is no explicit policy against sex in private planes, any activity that could jostle a pilot or hamper his ability to concentrate could be a violation of federal aviation guidelines.

All that because these two people had sex? Give me a BREAK.

They purposely filmed the sex in the wee hours of early morning so that no one would be disturbed or see them (as if they could a mile in the air anyway). So what is the problem?

People are such unbelievable prudes. I see no issue with this and kind of like the idea of it taking off. Extreme sports and sex go together so well, it is hard to imagine why this is not more popular. The adrenaline rush from sky diving is amazing. The adrenaline rush from sex is amazing. Put them together and HELLO!

I have done both (had sex and gone skydiving) and I can say without a doubt that I would love to combine the two. Now whether I would is a whole other story. I mean, I have kids now and I can't be risking forgetting to pull the ripcord because I am in my happy place. But hey, for those who want to do it, awesome.

Seriously, why is this our business? If they had not jumped out of the plane and filmed it, no one even would have been the wiser. These people are being killjoys. If there were a video of them having sex in public and no one saw, would they be arrested for public indecency?

If so, that would be pretty lame. How is this a crime? I totally support the rights of skydiving sex.

Do you think this is wrong?


Image via flawedartist/Flickr


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PonyC... PonyChaser

I think they're idiots, especially for doing the deed in freefall (seriously, how?), but...

It really depends upon the size of the plane and where the act occurred. Yeah, it's their business in their plane on their time (unless it wasn't, in which place, they get fired), but if the act DID cause problems for the pilot and the plane had crashed? You'd be screaming that there need to be more regulations on General Aviation (which is already under some pretty serious scrutiny thanks to terrorists), because it's not "safe".

Otherwise, I just think they're candidates for a future Darwin Award, which, honestly, will be a far better deterrent than any law.

fairy... fairygrrl

If i wan't scared of heights, I'd give it a go!!

NewMo... NewMomma.S

Sounds like the government is getting involved in morals again and this time using safety as an excuse to do so. I say go for it!

nonmember avatar Former Skydiver

This is the dorkiest thing I have read in a long time. This is so transparent. I've known a lot of skydivers and many just want to seem cool. I would be appalled if I were the pilot.

Frank Cerlian

omg, they def need to slog this at!

nonmember avatar ZOT

NewMomma S , I have new's for you.THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MORALS !!!

nonmember avatar Megapril

First of all, I saw a better picture of the two of them in mid-air and she definitely had her OMG! face on! It was awesome! I would have loved to have been the dude doing her like that in a free fall...

On the scrutiny from the FAA, even while they were doing it in the plane, how the heck would that "jostle" or disrupt the Pilot??? Was the Pilot part of a threesome before the other two jumped?!? Give me a break, any plane I have seen, the side door for jumping is no where near the Pilot...

Anyway, I hope this takes off and we get some good YouTube videos out of it :-)

dandk... dandksmom321

I think it is awesome. Talk about the mile high club...

kryst... krystaldawn_21

That is a cool I havent ever gone skydiving. I wonder if it was cold.haha

pebos... pebos_mama

the government needs to back off, my husband and i will be attempting to become part of the mile high club someday, just havnt had the chance yet. wish me luck,lol. they were having sex, not bombing the white house for goodness sake. get over it. i love the idea.

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