Woman Sues Over Wild Vibrator Ride That Sent Her to Hospital


squashRemember when you were a kid and your mother was always reminding you to play nice with your toys? You probably thought it was because she didn't want you "accidentally" ripping your Barbie's head off (again). Oh no. Headless Barbies are small potatoes compared with what happened to April Bonjour of California.

Bonjour and her boyfriend were innocently playing with a "toy" of the adult variety -- the adult vibrating variety, that is -- when something went horribly awry. Granted, I don't know if this, er, playdate was nice or naughty in nature to begin with, but it definitely ended up crossing the pleasure/pain line, big time. And not in a fun way!

I could try to put Bonjour's wild ride into my own words, but why bother? She described the episode so colorfully in her lawsuit against sex toy company Pipedream Products:

During the usage, I felt an intense, sharp pain inside my vagina. My boyfriend quickly removed the toy; it was covered in blood. I thought, very briefly, that I had started my period but as the bleeding continued, getting heavier and heavier I knew it was not my period. I went through all of my sanitary pads and was passing clots of blood.

Yikes! Ain't nothing erotic about that. Bonjour ended up losing so much blood that she lost consciousness and had to be rushed to the hospital for a blood transfusion.

We don't know exactly how the vibrator managed to trigger massive internal hemorrhaging -- like I said, there's a chance the toy was being used more enthusiastically than intended -- still, no matter how it happened, you'd think Pipedream Products would be willing to issue a refund, right?

Wrong!! They denied Bonjour any compensation. Which is why she's now suing them for negligence and breach of warranty. I can't say I blame her. Hey, Pipedream Products is the company that brought you the Kinky Kim (Kardashian) Filthy Love Doll. Clearly a sex toy empire of that magnitude can afford to pay off a couple of medical bills.

The moral of Bonjour's tale? Don't be too rough with your toys, boys and girls! Especially if you purchased them from PIpedream Products.

Does this story make you scared to use a vibrator?


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nonmember avatar Jai

Im sorry but in no way is the company at fault here! Its not like vibrators are difficult to use and if her boyfriend used too hard on her then HE is the one she should be suing...NOT the company.

sofia... sofia0587

That was not the toys fault I actually had that happen to me w/out a toy it happend that the main artery in my uterus ruptured because of a clot. Doesn't happen very often but I also needed a transfusion and surgery to repair the artery.

Liliana Mercado

O_O whatever happened to good ol' trusty safe sex?  So a woman inserts a foreign object into her vagina, and wants to blame someone else for her stupidity.... hmm, I see where she could win this case if it had happened with a tampon, but a vibrator, please!!!!!

I hope the company learns to put down a warning "The company shall not be liable for damages caused by this aparatus if not used as intended" hopefully the dimwits who use these will get the message.

SandM... SandMsMama

sushi is a troll..

and this story seems... dumb. of course he was using it too.. forcefully. now she's trying to squeeze a few $$ out of them. welcome to America

Dan Goodwith

You need to be careful with those vibrators,... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiI5-2ro8mU

tdoub... tdoubleday04

This is horrible!! Weather or not she feels its the companies fault, she probably doesn't have a way to pay the medical bills, so she felt she was forced to try and sue them.  I mean, really if she had insurance, I'm sure she wouldn't have wanted to broadcast it to the whole world. 

molok... molokaicreeper

A woman who dares use an object like this for her intimate parts, I bet doesn't care much about exposing that information to the world (well she did after all).  She wants the money of the treatment she got for her sexual fantasy experiment and I'm sure she will ask for other types of "compensation" as well.

It is about time people take responsibility for their stupid actions, and stop trying to get money out of others who take advantage of dumb people like this to make money with useless products.  All in all, a viscious cycle that will never end.

nonmember avatar JP

No kidding, I would refuse to give a refund also. This is not the company's fault. Haha, why did you take this spin on the story? Do you honestly believe that they are wrong and should compensate these people? Im annoyed by you trying to bust out this company to get a free toy for yourself...sooo you should buy me a subscription to a new blog. Good thing your

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