Woman Lets Husband Sleep With Escorts Because She Feels Bad


escortSo, there's this married couple, Nina and Andrew Baggaley, and they haven't had sex in about four years. With each other. Andrew's been with his share of escorts over the years -- and it's okay! Because his killjoy wife, who also happens to be very understanding, refuses to sleep with him. Because it's too painful. See, Andrew was diagnosed with Peyronie's disease in 2007, a disorder where one of the side effects is -- a misshapen penis.

Apparently misshapen penis = excruciating sex for Nina, so she finally had to say "no mas" to sexy time with her husband. And no sexy time = bad times in a marriage, si? So, she kindly gave permission to Andrew to go out and get busy with as many escorts as his heart and misshapen penis desire.

Does this seem sweet to you? A loving wife putting her feelings and pride aside, so her Peyronie-ridden husband of 30 years can fulfill one of mankind's most basic needs? It does? Well, you haven't heard the whole story.

First of all, when Nina talks about the fact that she and Andrew, like all married couples, had their ups and downs over the years, she casually throws in, "Andrew even had two affairs 13 years ago." And then, upon further investigation, I learned that Nina didn't actually give permission the first time Andrew philandered post-misshapen penis. He sort of just did it.

The two were on holiday in China when Andrew went out "for a massage." After he returned from their trip, it came out that he didn't just get a massage, he got that kind of massage. Nina says she was initially furious when she learned what Andrew did, but eventually came around to the fact that, if the two of them were going to stay together, she needed to let him satisfy his desires. The rest is history.

Couple things here. One, not a fan of the fact that Andrew cheated more than once while his wiener was perfectly normal-looking. Two, it seems a lot like cheating -- again -- when Andrew went out and got a happy ending massage without permission. And three, why the heck isn't Nina out gettin' hers? She's not having sex either. Why is it just about Andrew?

When I first read the CliffsNotes of this situation, I thought it was kind of sweet that a couple would reach such a ... mature decision, and that they would stop at nothing to stay together. But the more I read into this, I think Andrew's kind of a jerk and Nina's kind of an idiot.

This doesn't seem too much like a mutual decision to me. It kind of seems like if Nina wanted to stay with Andrew, she just had to accept the fact that he was going to be out boning other girls. And, again, why isn't she out sleeping with other men? Don't her desires need to be met also? Not really getting the impression that this is a two-way loving marriage here. Seems more like an Andrew-gets-to-do-what-he-wants marriage.

Do you think this is fair?


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hotrd... hotrdumommy

Oh no. If she's not out doing her own thing then yeah she's a friggin idiot.

nonmember avatar Liz

Some people are excellect manipulators. I'm sure he has her convinced the lack of sex is 100% her fault and that it's not fair that he has to suffer because she doesn't want to have sex with him. I'd be willing to bet the second she had sex outside their marriage, he would be filing for divorce.

jkm89 jkm89

Ha. Of course this woman is doing the deed with other men! You think she's perfectly OK with him cheating on her in the past AND letting him sleep with hookers? No, not unless she's getting laid as well!

the3Rs the3Rs

She sounds like a doormat with zero self-esteem.  Feel sorry for her.

Kittt... Kittty_Katt

some ppl have strange ways of living i would agree w/ what was goin on if i wwas n that position...if i wouldent have sex w/ him why would it matter if he did it w/ someone else. i guess it has a lot to do w/ lifestyle choises too


Bibiana Garcel

I think it's fair if the situation was really as clean and simple as the 'cliff notes' suggested. The woman can choose to satisfy herself and I imagine if she wanted more than sex toys, they would discuss it as maturely as they did before.


However since the situation is quite different, fair is not the right word to use. At this point (not considering what happened in the past) yeah its fair, but when I consider what happened in the past, I wonder why she thinks its fair.


But keep in mind, she knows about his past affairs and instead of leaving him and his crooked self, she has stayed. I dont presume to think she stays because of love for the man, but I do hope she stays by her choice. If its not her choice, then I do feel sorry for her and do not think its fair.

angel... angelachristine

hell no it doesn't seem fair. if something like that happened to my husband and sex was painful i'd abstain and not have a problem with it but no way would i condone him having sex with other women. if he wanted that i'd get a dicorce because i'm not a doormat and much as i love my dh i'm not willing to give up my self esteem for him.

Susie19 Susie19

I don't understand why some wome can settle for losers like Andrew.  How sad.

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