How to Get Your Guy to Notice You During Football Season


footballFall means millions of Americans spend Mondays at home watching big boys tackle each other in the hopes of scoring a touchdown. That sounds sexual, no? Why not make it more fun than just sitting in front of the TV?

After all, if you or your man is going to spend a lot of time making a big deal about a ball (good time to remind you, don't forget the balls), might as well find a way to score your own touchdown during, or after, each game. And because I love games, and competitive sportsmanship can be sexy, here are a few ideas to score in your sex life during football season.

Here are some rules I made up. The only one that you have to stick to is you both have to choose a different team -- even if you're rooting for the same team in real life. Then, try any or all of these fun ideas:

1. Every time your team scores a touchdown, you get 15 minutes of being "touched down" in any way you want. That could be massage, manual stimulation, oral sex -- whatever feels good to the touch. You get touched, but you don't do the touching. For a field goal, you get a short, three-minute version. 

2. After the initial kickoff, every change of possession that happens as a result of a fumble or other error lends itself to a bout of erotic wrestling at the next commercial break. 

3. At halftime, the person with the team in the lead gets to choose what sexy thing you do during halftime. It can be sex, a strip-tease, or even just sitting around naked. If the teams are tied, the default is 69.

4. For every fight that's broken up, you have to kiss. 

5. Whichever team wins, that person gets to schedule sex in the calendar. If you can't fit it in that night, or right after the game, then the rule is you have to set aside time before you watch the next football game. After all, if you've got time for football, you must have time for sex!

What rules would you add to the sexy football game?

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buffa... buffalove23

Um if my guy was that focused on football and not me, we wouldn't be together lol.

MrsCa... MrsCareBear

I agree with above...if my guy was THAT into football, we would have issues. LOL Its just a game, people...

Deanna Hovey

Well, I happen to think that this is a fun article. 

Of course the problem I have is that *I* am just as much, if not more, of a football freak then the men I date. I'm a very competitive person when it comes to sports and my favorite teams, and while I have a few games of my own that get played during any game, I think this list is lighthearted and fun. 

What a great way to share any favorite pastime with a partner that may not have interest in it.  Spice it up and make it interesting!

nonmember avatar Ron

I was fortunate enough to receive a BJ during a kickoff a few weeks ago, return guy took it for a touchdown. My lady is officially my goodluck charm when watching football.

nonmember avatar Julie

Last February during Superbowl I made a very nice meal for my husband and the 3 friends he had over to watch the game with and was going to serve it on TV trays. I bought TV trays, I spent good money on the food, worked hard to make it just right and for it to look just right and they all ignored me. They told me to bring beer when they had an empty. I became angry, walked in front of them and said food's ready, nothing, they just twisted around to see past me.
I went into the bedroom, striped naked then went back in front of them and told them food's ready. The friends did not twist to see around me, they stared at me. My husband was furious and did not talk to me for over a week. After that one of his friends went out of his way to say hi and to visit when we saw each other in town. He must have thought I was looking to get laid, I was not.
After the way my (now) ex husband behaved I was tempted but did not bed his friend. I'm 23 and single and if I find out a guy I'm dating is a sports fan I drop him. Sports can go to hell

Angela Asch

Julie, it's no wonder why this man is now your EX- husband. If my wife EVER stripped naked in front of my friends and i while watching a football game because we "twisted around her to see the game when she got in front of the television", she would have been my EX-wife that night....(i'm just racking my brain trying to figure out why your hubby was so furious and can't come up with any reason)...and If that's not disgusting and slutty enough you were then also tempted to use that same excuse to "bed his friend"... yeah,gee, it must have been soooooooo shocking that his friend thought you were "looking to get laid". Again, i'm racking my brain trying to piece that one together as well. I've got news for ya, Jezebel, you really shouldn't worry about having to drop any guy after "finding out he's a sports fan" since no guy with either an iq higher than his sleeve size or an award for being the wimp of the year would ever be so foolish to call you his girlfriend or wife. You're the epitome of the type of girl a guy would be happy as a clam to "bed" for one night, but not get within a 25 mile radius after that. So i really wouldn't lose sleep over having to "drop" anything, except your panties...which, it seems, hold the Guinness world record for coming on and off in any given period of time. Julie, you are the very definition of disgusting, and your ex husband may just be the luckiest guy in the world for getting rid of you.

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