Would You Let Your Man Kiss Another Man?


guys kissingTwo women kissing is considered hot, but two guys? Icky. The double standard is unfair in my opinion. If two chicks can express their attraction to each other and Katy Perry can sing about it, then why can't two men do the same? 

Of course men can do the same, and it seems more and more guys are locking lips -- allowing themselves to enjoy it and explore bisexuality. It's all part of the rise of male bisexual chic, which includes the game of "gay chicken."

Okay, what?

In "gay chicken," two seemingly straight young men see how long they can go on kissing before one of them pulls away. The loser, or "gay chicken," is the guy who pulls away first. What's so fascinating about the game, and the YouTube videos, is that there are a lot of men doing it, and the videos get hundreds of thousands of hits. It's all types of guys, although lots of them are 20-something. Perhaps this is making male bisexuality more accepted and, dare I say (and use a word I hate), "normal." 

Eric Anderson, a sociologist at the University of Bath, began studying this after two male students introduced him to "gay chicken." Anderson spoke to The Guardian about his research and it was revealed that 89 percent of the polled men were happy to kiss a guy on the lips in a friendship way. Nearly 40 percent said they really smooched a guy for shock value, but would do it now for a laugh. Perhaps the fear of homosexuality is decreasing? Perhaps more are exploring their bisexual tendencies?

Two guys kissing is a statement about confidence. And confidence is one of the sexiest things in the world. 

Would you be okay if your guy wanted to kiss another man?

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dirti... dirtiekittie

as long as it was only in a friendly way! lol but i'm not surprised at this move... it's just a natural progression. of course, with women it's A) sexier and B) more socially acceptable.

the thing is (and this is just my observation, no formal study by a looong shot) i think it's because as women, kissing can be a very natural outward expression of affection. we kiss lots of people lots of the time. but i think for men, they are more reserved about kissing. i think that men and women feel oppositely about sex and kissing - for men, sex can be just sex but kissing needs emotion. for women, kissing can be just kissing but sex needs emotion. (i'm not saying you can't have flings, i'm generalizing in the worst way here). "gay chicken" lets a man explore that part of himself as a joke, to test the waters and still be able to pull away and say "see? not gay!" male sexuality as far as being bisexual goes has a lot more ground left to cover than girls.

nonmember avatar R M M

My husband is a submarine sailor, and this is a HUGE pasttime on his boat, so much that I've heard the guys even discuss who "won" and who "lost" (not sure which is which there, lol) and who they played gay chicken with today. Doesn't bother me, if it passes the time and makes him laugh while he is doing something dangerous and miserable, so be it.

Metal... MetalMomma09

Hell why not...as long as I can video tape it lol

xreds... xredstarsx

I think it would be really weird. He has seen me kiss girls though but he has no interest in kissing men. He thinks that it is too emotional to do so maybe he thinks like a woman. Lol

Kaila... KailaCheyenne

I've always wondered why it was okay for girls to makeout but two guys was just disgusting.. I wouldn't have a problem with it. I'm glad men are becoming more accepting of their sexuality actually!

mzbla... mzblack22

Ummm, no.  We are in a relationship where monogomy and commitment is the expectation.  That includes not making out with other people, of either sex.  Sailors in submarines are doing this?  Aren't they WORKING?   

zandh... zandhmom2

No! my husband is NOT kissing anyone else.   does no one take commitment seriously anymore?

nonmember avatar blh

I have never heard of this and any (straight) guy I know would say hell no lol. If I dared my boyfriend to do it because I know he wouldn't like it id obviously have no problem with it then its just playing around but if my boyfriend wanted to kiss another guy id be really wierded out like ok now I have to worry about him leaving me for another guy now??

nonmember avatar blh

And I honestly just think that for one women do this for attention not because of any real urge to make out with another girl. I've done that but im not bi. And second I don't think as many men are bi and women it just seems like mens sexuality is pretty much rigid.

mommix4 mommix4

Thankfully my husband is straight.

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