Kirstie Alley Thinks Only Thin Women Deserve Great Sex


kirstie alley fat actressI wish Kirstie Alley would just stop talking. Because nothing she has had to say on the subject of weight loss -- especially lately -- has felt particularly productive or inspiring. Now comes news that she's been chatting about how her love and sex life has changed since she dropped 100 pounds

Since she became a size 4 size 6 size "skinny" and started feeling "back to normal," the 60-year-old formerly self-described Fat Actress claims, pre-weight loss, "I didn't like the way I looked, and I didn't want to have fat sex." But now, "For the first time in my life, I know exactly what I want in a man. I want someone who has my back, who is courageous and brave."

There's a lot of truth ... but also a lot of trouble with this.

Yes, when we put in the time and effort and reach what feels like a "happy weight," it can have an amazing effect on our confidence, which in turn can make for major fireworks in the bedroom. And I get it -- when you're overweight and insecure about your appearance, you might not exactly feel like a sex goddess. But Kirstie makes it sound like she only felt like she deserved an amazing time in bed and a connection with a great guy once she got "skinny" (again).

That's the kinda screwed-up logic that has so many women hating themselves and missing out on their own sex lives, because we feel crappy about our post-baby body that doesn't look like freakin' Miranda Kerr, or because we gained a few pounds when we went through menopause, or even because we're bloated before our periods and having a "fat day." And yes, women struggling with a legit weight problem may feel like they're not attractive enough to enjoy their sexuality.

That never fails to kills me, because our weight shouldn't inhibit us so much that we feel like we don't deserve to be loved or schtupped! And what Kirstie's saying just sends a totally skewed message ... that only once she felt thin enough did she feel good enough about herself to have sex and find the right guy. It just raises so many dangerous questions: How thin is thin enough? Why is sex when you've got some weight to lose such a turn-off? Why can't we just love ourselves and have some self-compassion for ourselves no matter what weight we are? But most importantly: Confidence in bed and being overweight are not and should not be portrayed as mutually exclusive.

But I guess I shouldn't be surprised that once again, Scientology-loving, yo-yo dieting Kirstie gets it wrong, wrong, wrong.

Are you insulted by Kirstie's feelings on "fat sex"?


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Nraw2011 Nraw2011

No I'm not insulted.  She was speaking for herself and not anyone else.  

dirti... dirtiekittie

not really - i mean, if she was laying around crying about how she was too fat to enjoy sex, then that's her problem. i know plenty of larger folks who have amazing sex lives - some can even put their "skinny counterparts" (if you will) to shame!

great sex is about confidence, mutual attraction and a connection. if kirstie alley didn't have those in her "fat days" then sucks to be her. but she needs to stop projecting like everyone else has the same experience.

Emaline Kay Brown

she's nuts. she doesn't care what the public thinks. i find it sad that she didn't have the willpower or care to work on her confidence while she was heavier...probably make her even happier once she lost the weight

JaneE... JaneEyre27

Ugh, whatever.  My husband has been all over me since we've met ... skinnier, heavier, pregnant, doesn't matter when the man truly loves and desires you.

momve... momversuswild

She is entitled to her feelings and freedom to talk about them.  If you don't like what she has to say, you have the freedom not to listen or discuss it.  :)  Free country.  Tolerance.  blah blah blah...

nonmember avatar Chrissy

Um K. Alley did not lose weight the natural way and I have lost all admiration for her because she is making these stupid comments now that she is MIRACULOUSLY 100 lbs smaller. Im so annoyed with the lies these celebs tell us. Just admit you had surgery! lol Just another Star Jones...

cocob... cocobeannns

I really think she was just speaking for herself and not for anyone else. What's wrong with her honest opinion about the way SHE felt. Ugh. Get over it.

nonmember avatar does too

Lots of good points you made. It annoys me greatly. I'm in agreeance with you Maressa.

nonmember avatar Angie

She is only sharing how she felt, and how many other women might feel. She did not claim this is the right way to feel, only that it does happen. I personally felt the same way, so weight loss has been a blessing in many ways ;). I think she is brave to talk about these sensitive topics and share her vulnerabilities.

Jen Anne Ritter

this article took everything out of my opinion,the ones who are offended by "this"(which is nothing)asre probably heavy/overweight women....go on a diet or shut up.

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