Beyonce Has to Deal With Spouse's Baggage Just Like Us


Marrying a person with children is no small thing in this country. For many, it's simply a deal-breaker, something they would never do. And who could blame them? Being a stepparent isn't easy.

Watching one's money disappear in the form of child support each month and having to contend with another woman's child is no treat for even the most magnanimous woman. But what happens when the man you fell in love with had no children and then it comes out later that he does?

That may or may not be the situation Beyonce is in right now with Jay-Z. Rumors are swirling that the rap mogul has a son from nine years ago who he supports and who lives in Trinidad with his model mother. He is the product of an affair, and for years, model Shenelle Scott's ex thought he was the father.

If the story is true, this is terrible for Beyonce, who is currently carrying the couple's first child.

Obviously when you marry someone, you marry their baggage, too. Some husbands leave socks on the floor and have enormous wads of student debt. But this is something else entirely.

I don't care how much you consider a child a "blessing," finding out the man you love fathered a child years before you is a devastating blow. Of course, Beyonce should take heart. Yes, Jay-Z has a son, but they have plenty of money, so the child support will barely be noticeable.

The more important things -- not being the first mother of his child, for instance -- are also not really relevant. Jay-Z didn't even meet this child until he was much older. So all those "firsts" -- first joy at the two pink lines, planning for the nursery, watching his child come into the world -- will be done with his wife. If Beyonce is sad about that, she shouldn't be. Clearly Jay-Z loves her and didn't love Scott.

In the end, her baby gets a big sibling down the road and she gets to do all her "firsts" with her husband and have her perfect, intact family. It's not such a bad trade-off, and if she is sad about it, maybe she will discover that she actually has room in her heart for her husband AND the son he fathered nearly a decade ago.

Would you be sad if you found out your husband had a secret kid?

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Steph... Stephenni

I'm sorry I don't understand how this it terrible for Beyonce. I hardly think forking over child support would affect their millions, she also doesn't seem the type that would be devastated by another NINE year old child. It's not like J did her wrong and knocked up another woman while they were married. As for all the "Firsts" are a second child's firsts any less special then say a older siblings just because their not the first child?

nonmember avatar blh

Something similar happened to me and it was absolutely terrible. It still is because the other "baby mama" is a crazy wh#re. Had I known I would not have dated him. And child support is based on how much you make so believe me its gonna be a

Large amount and they'll definitely notice it

nonmember avatar Michelle

Jay-Z has denied this OLD rumor multiple times. So writing a story about the baggage Beyonce has to deal with is ridiculous.

reiki... reikiharmony

This is one of the many reasons that money might make life easier, but it can't make you happy.... Beyonce does live in an entirely different and largely unrelatable world than the rest of us, but she's still human.... and finding out that the man you love and married has a NINE year old SUCKS, no matter how much money you have or what neighborhood you park your car..or If this is true, and it's not a shock to her (she may very well know, or at least have known about the relationship) or once the shock wears off, she may very well be able to embrace to positives, but the initial reaction, regardless of your pocketbook, is "Ouch!"

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

I found out two years ago that my boyfriend had a 16 year old daughter that he never told me about. He now pays a fortune in child support, which has basically wiped out the chance of he and I getting married anytime soon. I've questioned my decision to stay with him several times, but I love him too much to send him packing. It's a sad situation.

Jasmine Laurèn Hughey

It would be terrible of she's just now finding out he has another child.  But isn't it possible that we're the ones who are just now finding out and Beyonce knew all along?  I mean, we don't know EVERYTHING that goes in on their personal lives.

However, if it's true and she really didn't know and she's finding out with the rest of us, then my heart goes out to her.

RoyaL... RoyaLioness

How is it a "terrible" thing for the"B" - she is an adult - it is horrid for the child. And furthermore it has been public for years and that "B" has been made aware as well - therefore it is not news to her. People please - her stepdad just had an "outside" child on her mother - so what the hell. There is a difference... 

The Baby/ little man was there before her & will be there long after her. If anything she needs to financially support the handsome little boy with all the winnings she recvs from the "entertainment" (used loosely) gigs. The public supporters will pay for hers if and when she has one the same as the are and have paid for her lifestyle - utterly senseless 

Samal... Samallama

I'd be more worried about the kid than for Beyonce anyday. 

doll0302 doll0302

Before my comment, let me say that this is a rumor that has been around for many, many years. It is not new, nor will it probably be the last time we have heard this.

I am in a situation where my hubs and I recently found out he has another child. We were not together at the time, and the mother of the other child kept this from him. We still have no answer as to why, nor is it needed. She made a decision to let us know that he is my DH's and we did a paternity test ajnd have made child support payments and he has visited him in his state at least once a month. It is what it is. I accept his child as mine, and hope to always have a good relationship with him and his mother, although it doesn't seem like she wants the same. I could have left, but what would that accomplish?

nonmember avatar saranicole

I joke around with my husband about this because he was stationed in Korea for a year before he moved back to the states. I asked him "Are you sure you don't have any half Korean kids?" His reply is always "None that I know of." I wouldn't be mad if it turned out he did unless he had been hiding it all along. This was before we got together, if he had cheated it would be a whole new ball game.

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