Unlucky Husband Finds Sex Tape Online Starring His Wife


womenSometimes I think marriage and dating must have been so easy back in the day. You married the first guy who looked at you at the ripe age of 15, had an awkward first kiss on your wedding day, and boom, partner secured. Now it's all online profiles, blind dates, and drunken make-outs. Who cares if they didn't have tampons in the 18th century and the life expectancy was 30? Their loves lives were, like, sooo much simpler.

Take this couple for example. They've been happily married for 10 years and have a 2-year-old kid. Everything was great until one day the husband happened to find a sex tape on the Internet that featured his wife and a previous boyfriend.

You think that ever happened in 1756?

Ye olde ... I don't think so. This dude's in such a pickle for so many things. First of all, let me say that he says he isn't mad that his wife made a sex tape -- it was before they'd met and it was with a man she had been dating. So he's cool with it. His dilemma is whether or not to tell his loving wife that he found a tape of her getting nailed on the Internet. Apparently, from the video, he can deduce that she has no idea this is out there.

He wrote into Dear Abby with his problem (natch) and she advised him to tell his wife about his salacious find online. Sure, he can do that ... that's probably the right thing. I suppose I'd want to know if there was a sex tape out there with my naked ass mooning the camera. But if he tells her ... isn't he going to have to explain how, exactly, he found this video?

Assuming his wife's name wasn't attached to the tape like "My SEXXXY Night With Jane Doe -- Shh! She Doesn't Know She's Being Taped!" then ... was the husband just trolling the web for homemade sex tapes? Checkin' out some porno sites while the wife's upstairs? Not judging, just wondering.

It's a modern day tale of husband-finds-sex-tape-online-featuring-his-wife-with-her-ex-boyfriend and it's a cautionary story about a) making sex tapes, b) dating someone sleazy enough to make a sex tape, and c) the dangers of looking at homemade pornos (as in you never know who's gonna pop up on that screen).

And it's so not something they had to deal with in the 18th century. Point: Settlers.

What would you do if caught in this guy's jam?

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Ashleigh Munson

"Honey, My Best Guy Friend X just called me, and he found this video online I think you need to see!"

Problem solved! She's made aware, and he's off the hook for trolling the murky underbelly of the interwebz .

TC00 TC00

What I found a problem with was the very last part of her advice when she asked the husband how he found it...she was subtly admonishing him for looking at porn.  I personally don't care if my so looks at porn and this women might not care either.

He does need to tell her though and if I was in her position I'd want to know so that I could take legal action.  I wouldn't care how my husband found it though I guess it would creep me out if he enjoyed the tape.

Stephanie Cramer

I think it's pretty much just common woman knowledge by this point that ALL men, married or not, look at porn. 

hempm... hempmommy87

I agree with the last poster. It seems all men look at porn and it's no big deal so that would not be a concern to me. I would want to know if there was a sex tape floating around online with me in it! Also, I would be creeped out if he did see me having sex with someone else and enjoying it. 

nonmember avatar Liz

hahahahahahaha. I would hate to be that woman

nonmember avatar Imaginarian

Wait a minute. She made a sex tape and she's going to be upset he's looking at porn? Huh.

Calim... Calimamato2boys

I personally dont mind at all that my husband watches porn. Women are sexy amazing beautiful creatures, and sex is dirty and amazing and NATURAL. Men are visual creatures of course they he's gonna wanna troll the porn site at least now and then.. I mean he's watching porn not making it.. That would be the least of my concerns. I know my husband would tell me. #1 he would watch it and I gaurantee he'd enjoy it, he's a complete perv and thats cool with me #2 he wouldnt want it up if he wasnt sure I knew about it (i would NOT want it up) #3 he'd want to beat the crap out of someone if they put something like that up without my knowledge.

And BTW Ive made porn with my hubby for personal reasons (never with anyone else though) does that make me sleezy? What if she thought she was gonna marry him? Does that make her less sleezy?

xavie... xavierlogan09

EVERY MAN watches porn. If any man says he doesn't he is a liar and probably is hiding it from his spouse. So this woman shouldn't be mad that he found her sex tape. She was the one who made a sex tape in the first place. I think he should tell her because she will probably find out since he wrote to dear abby. Who knows maybe one of her friends read that article or this one and told her. It might make her think of the sex tape she once made. 

Marjc... Marjchaos

I've said it before. Not EVERY man watches porn. MOST men do. I'm way more likely to look at porn than my husband is.

Still, for most women it's not a deal breaker because most women are not that uptight. I wouldn't care if my husband did, he's just kinda a prude like that. So he should just confess to looking at porn, and tell her. Although, maybe not. If it'd upset her, maybe he should skip it. I mean, because it's unlikely she can do anything to restrict it. The internet is forever, and once something is out there, there is no getting it back. But she should definately defriend that Ex on Facebook. lol

the3Rs the3Rs

No - not EVERY man watches porn - what an ignorant statement to make. 

In any case, I think he better tell her because she seemingly has no idea it's out there - and she has the right to know.

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