5 Tasks My Husband Just Can't Do

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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a loving, heartfelt letter to my husband about the things I'd like him to help out with more.

Perhaps my poetic prose was misunderstood, because I can't say that there has been a remarkable difference on the home-front since then. (Truly, a shock.) The good news? Seems that I'm not alone in my husband frustration.

Is it something in the male genetic code? Are they simply feeding into silly stereotypes? Are we just letting them get away with it?

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but there are just some things that my husband simply cannot do, no matter how hard I beg. Sadly, they are all things my 7-year-old has mastered ...

1. Change a light bulb. Or, rather, change a light bulb the first 17 times I ask for it.

2. Use electronics. The remote control. The answering machine. The laundry machine. The dishwasher. Seriously, if I didn't live in this house, we may as well not have electricity.

3. Pack a lunch. No, my darling, two slices of bread and a plastic-wrapped piece of cheese do not a lunch make.

4. Dress a child. I mean, he's capable of dressing a child, but there's always something off about the outfit choice. Mismatched socks, ill-fitting shirt, too short pants, seasonably inappropriate. Always just a little something.

5. Follow directions. Of any kind.


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Sheila Evans-Bethel

I am convinced men purposely do this simply to get out of doing things and we take back over the requested tasks. You'll see glimmers of them actually being able to do the tasks. They just don't want you to know it. ;-) Since they tend to act more like children themselves, and one of the tricks we've learned with our son is to understand what is his "currency" (a Dr. Phil phrase, the thing that is most important to them), I am still working on finding my husbands "currency" and how to effectively hold it hostage. Hahahaha! It's trickier with adults because they are so self-sufficient and can actually get things for themselves. Go fig. ;-)

Rachel Humphrey

Mine is mostly the exact opposite of your frustartions.

1. He will say over and over and over he's going to do something like tighten a door handle and after hearing it 20 times I'll do it and surprise surprise he's mad when he actually goes to do it and I've already done it.

2. Use electronics. The remote control, finds the things I find going to long way. The laundry machine, he seems to think everything needs to be done the more expesive way and if it doesn't work then it's broken. When really he wears his good clothes to work and gets things in them that doesn't come out if not washed right away. But he doesn't tell me it's in there so it might sit in the dirty laundry for days. The dishwasher. Seriously, if I didn't stay home we wouldn't be able to afford to run it, it does everything on the longest cycle.

3. Pack a lunch. No, my darling,using everything in the fridge we just can't afford.

4. Dress a child. I mean, he's capable of dressing a child, but he seems to think the child should stay totally clean and if they don't they should go change right away. So sometimes they have to change 3 times a day if I'm not there to stop it.

5. Follow directions. Of any kind. He doesn't do ANYTHING the easy way.

SandM... SandMsMama

all men are the same. stick w the one you have, bc the next one will do the same maddening things. train him up & stick w him.

Sabri... SabrinaMBowen

Sounds like you got a dud! The only thing I do around here that my husband can't is menstruate. He cares for the house, the kids, the yard...  Just as good, sometimes even better (when it comes to the yard at least), than I do...

acrog... acrogodess

OMG!so freaking true. They either do everything wrong or everything in a manner that makes things more complicated

Tasha Mahoney

How about stop complaining about what he dont do and that it's not good enough, how hard is it to grab a chair and change the bulb yourself? So what if the kids have mismatched socks? They're kids and pretty sure their feet are warm, that's really the goal when it comes down to it isn't it? Why dont you appreciate what he does do, like bring an income so you have the money to pack the lunch that youre complaining that he dont do? Believe me, im not saying there arent days where i wouldn't like to have a damn break from picking up after a 31 year old with the cleaning capacity of a 2 year old but at the end of the day, hes still my husband and i love him despite his faults and i know that he tries his best. We have 4 kids and they arent even his by blood and i deal with the 10,000 lbs of laundry and mismatched socks too because they play "dress up" with everything they own in my 10 minute trip to the grocery store but it creates memories for them, the freedom of expression and allows him to play with his "inner child" whatever. Atleast if im responsible for everything it will get done MY way then there is no reason for complaint that his way wasnt fast enough or good enough. Enjoy what you have and quit whining, it may not be there tomorrow.

L1558 L1558

1.) If you get tired of waiting, change the bulb yourself. What, you aren't capable of changing a bulb? Seriously? Why is that even on the list?

2.) He knows how. He probably lived in a house with electricity before you came along. Why would you buy his B.S. about that? Ask him to run whatever you are wanting run. Or run it yourself. Keep the remote for yourself; a lot of us would like that trait in our guy.

3.) Yes, two slices of bread and a slice of cheese *do* make a lunch. If the kids complain, ask them to address it to their father while you take a bath. Or create a chart for them/ him to check as lunch is being packed. Kids over 8 can do these themselves and a parent can give it the once-over before shipping them off to school.

4.) Who cares if the socks are ill-matched? My middle schooler does it on purpose. It's the "thing" to do in their school. Also-- stop caring about it so much, as long as the kid has a jacket when it's cold. Unless your husband is a total moron (you picked him), he will at least keep the kid from being nekkid.

5.) If he isn't following your directions (seriously, who cares about other peoples' directions), you need to train him. Bribery works wonders.

-Midn... -MidnightKarma-

Exactly Tasha. I agree with you 150%.

nonmember avatar AtlBean1

Ladies, there is no problem at all, think about it, we all know the game, it is just who can play it better, not to mention that you picked your love of your life, so, when things go south, you can't complain about it. As for me, I am awesome and know how to do it all, I just tend to break things by accident now and then, so please, stop putting us in the same group, just like all women can;t be put in the same group. Have a great day.

Tasha Mahoney

Thank you, i was just told by a friend that i coulda short winded it by saying quit bi@#hing, he dont do the crap you want him to do cuz all youre doing is complaining, youi want him to help? Ask him to help you at the moments you need help and not nit pick when you think he should see that you need help. Mine sees my independance and ability to juggle 4 kids and everything else all at once and things still rock out smoothly he stays out of my way not that he dont want to help he just knows that its easier just to let me do my thing and not screw with my flow. Our kids are 10,9,8 and 6 and when im not around his way may not be my way but it gets done and they love him just the same.

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