Your Man's Car Choices Says a Lot About Him


There are some women who care a lot about the car their man drives and others who couldn't care less. There are also men who are the same -- those who worship at the altar of their gear shift and those who say, "If it runs, it's great." But his car choice is actually very telling about the kind of man he is and the kind of man he will become.

For instance, a man with a Ferrari is trying to tell you one thing: I am rich and I have a high-maintenance lifestyle. For some women, that may reel them in. For others, it's a turn-off.

When my husband and I bought out mini minivan -- a Mazda 5 -- we read the sale demographics in the book. "This car belongs to a young, sporty family who are probably outdoorsy, live in the city, both have master's degrees, and have children under 5." Nailed us to the wall. But what does your man's car say about him romantically? I asked around and got a lot of answers. Here are 7 cars and the men who drive them:

  1. Hummer/Escalade/SUV: This is the Big Daddy A-Hole car. He doesn't care about fossil fuels or the environment or you. Not only will this guy cheat on you, he will also probably steal your dog, eat raw meat, and vote Republican. Don't expect him to help with the kids or household, but he might enjoy bringing home freshly killed venison. He may even share it.
  2. Honda Civic: This guy is practical, loving, and smart. He may be a grad student or a soccer dad, but either way, he is down to earth and perfect in every way. He's a keeper!
  3. Minivan: This man is almost definitely married. If he is hitting on you, he is surely scamming. No single man would be caught dead in one of these.
  4. BMW/Lexus/Infiniti: This says to me that he is either a real estate agent or some man with something to prove. I don't care how much he claims he needs a luxury vehicle, nobody REALLY needs one so badly. This guy will probably not go down on you much and will likely expect a happy ending after his next massage appointment. May also cheat, attend a health club with the Hummer guy, and frequent strip clubs.
  5. Pick-up truck: If he drives a pick-up, it could say that he is a hipster (if doing so ironically). May also say that he is a down-home guy who is old-fashioned but will love you like a prince. On the other hand, if he has a pair of balls hanging from the back, he is horrible and must immediately be stopped.
  6. Toyota Prius: Smug, thy name is Prius driver. This guy probably has premature ejaculation issues, and if he doesn't, then he surely will tell you not to eat that box of Froot Loops you have had in your pantry all year. "Commercial foods disgust me," he may say while slipping his ragg wool clad foot into a dirty Birkenstock.
  7. Subaru: This guy is a rugged dude. He probably loves skiing or boarding, and if you're down, you will have a blast. But if you're an "indoor girl," best to back away now. 

What car does your man drive and what does it say?


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Shell... Shell__Beach

My ex drove a Subaru and had a severe addiction to World of Warcraft. There are exceptions to ever "rule"...

ambtr... ambtrav2kids

I'm sure that if I owned a truck that I would hang balls from the back. If I had a husband, I'd write "Hubby's" on them with a black sharpie. But I don't have either... sad face. 

My ex drives a Subaru... Btw this dude is CRAAAAAAAAZY! just sayin.

kawas... kawasakigirl333

Well I guess our family's screwed, I drive a Subaru. Hubby drives a 350hp sports car, we also have a huge Suburban and a classic muscle car. Guess we can be a-holes on all levels lol!

cocob... cocobeannns

My fiance drives a Mustang and always has. Wasn't on the list...

L1558 L1558

Silly article.

I have a #5 husband. Most of the time he does treat me like a prince; the other times, I swear I could string his own balls up and hang them on the back of his truck for him ;o)

But, he has nothing hanging on the back of his truck, so he is safe. For now. LOL


dandk... dandksmom321

Ha! My husband drives a Honda Civic and a pickup (no balls) so I guess I am in luck! Both descriptions fit him, too.

Katherine Ngiam

Well my husband and I have three, his two (one is strictly for commuting) are a fancy sports car and the other is an SUV. So according to this list I should be expecting him to be a jerk who'll cheat on me. Good to know.

Zamaria Zamaria

My husband has a truck. It pretty much just says "I work in construction so I need a truck with toolboxes and every tool I own on it."

Stacey. Stacey.

Hummer and Escalade driver cannot be lumped with other SUV's. Here in Fort Myers Florida they scream dealer of drugs or lives on Indian reservation. So do Impalas on rims.


What a bunch of crap post. I happen to like a man with a nice car that they take care of. It shows me they take good care of things they love and they have a good job and can afford it. But then again, I don't need to cut off a man's balls to prove how great I am.

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