Tony Romo Is Wrong About Wife's Response to Marriage Proposal


tony romo candice crawfordEver since he seemed to string ex-gf Jessica Simpson along, I've thought Dallas Cowboys player Tony Romo was kind of a schmoe. But now that's all water under the bridge, and he's happily married to Candice Crawford. I guess there are a handful of people out there (in Texas, most likely) who are really intrigued by his relationship with his now-wife, because he recently spilled to local Dallas news about the proposal. He admitted he was "a little nervous," but then, "You see her start to cry, and you know you made a great decision."

Hmmm. Let me get this straight: He thinks the fact that she bawled when he said, "Will you marry me?" means he was wise to propose? Huh?? I don't see how the two add up.

Don't get me wrong -- I have nothing against women who end up crying when their guy (or gal) gets down on one knee.

I am well aware that I myself could very well end up crying when that day comes for me. Crying is a totally natural response, and I even have very chill friends who found themselves sobbing HYSTERICALLY when their guy popped the Q. That said, I really don't believe crying or freaking out at all is the ONLY legit response a woman can have. Or, more importantly, the only way a guy can know he made the right decision.

I mean, say you're totally expecting to be asked, and you've played the scenario out in your head several (okay, HUNDREDS of) times, and then when he asks, your response is delirious happiness sans tears? Or you're totally surprised, so you find yourself shrieking, "OMG! OMG! OMG!" or "NO! NO! NO!" because you just can't believe it's happening at that moment. (A friend of mine did that, and of course felt awful, because her now-hubby thought she was refusing!) Or you're struck speechless. Maybe it's been a long time coming, so you respond with a super-happy, confident "YES!"

There are a bazillion ways women respond to marriage proposals, and one isn't better or more telling or more genuine than the other. I'd think it would be a serious mistake to think so, because that could lead to all kinds of pressure and ridiculous expectations, leaving both parties disappointed. The best reaction -- the one that truly lets your partner know that he (or she) made a "great decision" -- is always going to be a woman's natural one, whether there are tears or not.

If you're engaged or married, how did you react to your marriage proposal? Do you think there is a "best" way to react?


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cocob... cocobeannns

He didn't say her crying was his way of knowing that proposing was the right decision for him to make. He said he knew it was a GREAT decision for him to make. There's a big difference in those two words! For one, I think you're reading way too much into this. And for two, who doesn't cry when their man proposes? I was teary-eyed when my fiance proposed. MOST of the time, those are tears of joy.

Jessica Moseley

I didn't cry when my husband proposed. I was fifteen when he proposed to me with a (real) white gold and diamond solitare ( we picked it out at kay jewelers ) but the spot he picked was so romantic and I was deliriously happy jumping up and down and said yes. Four years later, were married and i'm just as happy. Though I did cry at my wedding!

Melis... Melissa042807

I didn't cry, but I did say "Are you serious???" three times LOL. He finally said "Um...are you gonna say yes? Because my knee is hurting." It was hilarious.

Kris Gamble

Why does he have to speak for every woman and add disclaimers to everything he says? He's not making a public statement that real women cry when they are proposed to :P He's saying he knew she was happy when she started crying. He knows her very well, and when she started crying he knew how much it meant to her, is more what he meant probably. He was speaking for her and their relationship, no one else.

madam... madamekatekate

I think he just meant he could tell by her emotional response that she wanted it just as bad as he did. He was probably equal parts happy and relieved.

nonmember avatar KMO

I think you're reading wayyyyy too much into his comment. I thought what he said was rather sweet, but that's just me.

twins... twinsurromommy

I agree with the other ladies...I think you are reading too far into it.

nonmember avatar Aaron

I want to school with Candice an her brother Chase. A ridiculously good looking family, yes, but people

overlook how kind and quiet they were.

She might have been overwhelmed by how big of think she was undertaking. She would be joining a Dallas dynasty, and that is no small thing.

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