The Place Men Are Most Likely to Cheat Will Surprise You


Do these women want your man?
If you think your man is more likely to cheat at a bachelor party than anywhere else, think again. It's actually the wedding where your man is most likely to stray, especially if you aren't there. And after my wedding 8.5 years ago, I believe it.

The news comes after surveyed 2,000 cheating men and found that one third of them had cheated at a wedding where they had gone solo. So if you have ever sent your man to a friend's wedding alone, just hope he didn't do more than you know!



Here are the places men are most likely to cheat:

  • Wedding: 32 percent
  • Bachelor party: 27 percent
  • Office Christmas party: 21 percent
  • School reunion: 9 percent

Meanwhile, women thought their partner was most likely to cheat at these places:

  • Office Christmas party: 37 percent
  • Bachelor party: 35 percent
  • School reunion: 17 percent
  • Wedding: 11 percent

So, ladies, your men have picked the perfect place to cheat! It's the place you would never suspect. Grrr ... it makes sense, right? Weddings are the perfect pick-up place. People are in from out of town, they get close fast, drink together all night, and celebrate love.

So what is the answer? Here's what: Don't let your man go alone to a wedding! Seriously. Even if you totally trust your man, like I do. At my own wedding, there were more illicit hookups than one can even imagine. Though I won't reveal names, I wasn't all that thrilled with most of them.

Remove the temptation. Trust me on this. Get on that plane with your hubs or both of you stay home. You will be happy you did!

Would you let your man go to a wedding alone?

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dirti... dirtiekittie

it's not so much that i wouldn't "let" him go alone... more like he wouldn't want to go without me! but my hubs rocks!! :)

nonmember avatar Heather S

If your man is gonna cheat it doesn't matter where he is he'll find a way and if you have to follow him around to make sure he doesn't then you need a new man #justsayin

nonmember avatar Jaime M.

Seriously? Since when did men become private property? I have a better solution to this problem: marry someone who actualy has (and demonstrates) a moral compass. Because it's not the place that entices a man to cheat, the place is just the grounds where he demonstrates what he is already capable of.

Poiso... PoisonousHoney

I don't think my husband would want to go without me either, but if he ever asked, i'd be like HEEEEEEELL No! lol

Heath... HeatherMQ

WTF! Mine is going to a wedding alone next week!  =o/ 

Cassandra Huber

I would, because my husband wouldn't stray. For one thing, he is gay, and I am the only woman he can look at in that way. For some reason thats how it is, yet we have an amazing love life. The thought or sight of other women turn him off.  And when it comes to straying with another man, I'm pretty sure he won't. And if he did he would tell me and it wouldnt be a big deal. We are completely honest and open with each other and dont have secrets from each other. When you are his wife, and your competition is men and not women, its really nothing to fret about, trust me. And if it happened, getting over him cheating with a man for some reason is so much different than him cheating with a woman.

lunajuly lunajuly

not LET him go??!!!  I do not OWN him! I would not be in a relationship with someone who 'let' or 'didn't let' me go anywhere....


actually this came up recently, DH had a good friend from college getting married, we went together to all his college friends weddings but this one was kid free and my old sitter option was having heart surgery.

His friend was pissed and told him to go with out me, he told her that we do not seperate for things like weddings, and other events, because that is just a given part of our marriage. She has yet to forgive him for not going to her wedding.  DH used to leave my behind to go to things all the time, and we had to put a stop to that  about 6 years ago, he rarely goes out with out me and certainly not to a wedding or big event.

It might work for some people but not us, I have no worries that he would cheat I trust him completely in that area, but he would get so drunk that he got himself into trouble lol

hutch... hutchfam2007

I think one of the main reasons weddings is the big one is because it is typically all you can drink free beer.... I feel like I could trust hubs unless there was a crazy biotch that likes to rape extremely intoxicated, passed out men, because when hubs is passed out drunk I think you could butt rape him and he wouldnt have any control over it and wouldnt remember it. lol.

hunte... hunterchas

Why would one (either the husband or the wife) even want to go to a wedding alone?  If anything, a man would want to make up any kind of exuse NOT to go...and the woman would end up either not going or having to go many other parties. 

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