Here's the Thing About Fragrant Vaginas (VIDEO)


that's vaginal catDoesn't it sometimes feel like the Internet was made for videos of cats doing cute things? So, when I saw this video of a cat (fake) talking about vaginas (real) on a a private plane and spewing forth deep thoughts like "why is the vagina treated like some sort of leper?" I was all ears -- two of my favorite topics!

Turns out Carlton is a wealthy cat on a mission. His mission? To spread the message: vaginas are amazing. I won't disagree with the pussy -- he is right vaginas are amazing -- but I also discovered that this brilliant piece of vaginal marketing is none other than the work of Summer's Eve, proponents of feminine hygiene.

Carlton says:

What if we state boldly and proudly that vaginas are good, no, astounding. How? I suggest that when you see the greatest examples of human achievement, when you see something that inspires deep awe, you say not that it is awesome, but instead that it is vaginal.

While the ad praises the vagina as the most natural wonder, the underlying message, hidden by humor, doesn't sit right with me. Vaginas are beautiful, now clean yours.

I don't why we are so overly concerned with our vaginas smelling like something other than a vagina. You know that it shouldn't be scented like roses and pumpkin pie, right?

The idea behind a "deodorant"  is insulting to my vagina. I like the way my vagina smells, even after a workout. It's womanly. It's musky. It's my vagina dammit and it's not supposed to smell like tropical rain or island splash. And, I'll just say no to the powder too. I don't think of my vagina as sweaty, I think of it as well lubricated. I know lots of women who don't lubricate enough, so I'll keep my sweaty wetness, thank you very much. 

One of the first things I learned in my training around sex education is that the vagina is a self-cleaning oven and douching is evil. It can cause irritation, inflammation, infection, and other problems. The vagina has a balance of flora and acidity that it mainatins on its own, and because that balance is so delicate, no vaginal products are guaranteed to help her stay clean. 

Still, the idea that a woman's scent is off doesn't make sense. I find it appalling. Besides, if a woman's scent is that obvious, it's time to see a doctor

My vagina and I are totally vaginal just the way we are. 

What about your vagina? What are your thoughts on using products to keep it clean?

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nonmember avatar blh

So I guess you're against perfume and deodorant too? After all those aren't natural smells. Sweaty pits and BO is natural but that doesn't mean its pleasant. While you shouldn't douche you should def clean your vagina...

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

And how does clean ones vagina without douche? Shove a loofah up there? Barring infections and such the vagina is a perfectly clean place. Of course you should clean your vulva and surrounding area, warm water and maybe a little mild soap will do the job just fine.

sweet... sweetmom1007

I just wash mine every day in the shower. Never had complaints from hubby or guys in the past! lol

misha... mishamama

Just a nice splash of water and some mild soap... no stinky vaj's here :P But yeah i dont agree on the whole "douching" and lemon scented vagina thing lol

justa... justacherry86

I douched when I was younger and it was a bad experience. My gynecologist gave me an earful and that was the end of that. A little water and soap and I'm a-okay.

Ashle... AshleyP0710

I actually like Summers Eve. It barely has a scent and is great for sensitive skin. Regular soap irritates me down there and water just doesn't leave me feeling clean enough. Don't knock it until you try it! Lol. My doctor also said to be careful with body washes down there because you can get infections easily!

nonmember avatar Anon

Those kinds of "cleaners" typically do more harm than good. The one time this topic came up among my friends I found out that I was not alone, that all that fragrent junk are useless and tend to cause irritations and even infections. I also did my homework and even talked to my doctor and found out how much douching really does no good. A mild soap is typically the best way to go. The vagina really does take care of itself.

douxm... douxmusique

if your vagina is smelling different and kind of nasty, it's possible there is a small, easily treated vaginal infection. Yeast smells... its best to have that stinky beast looked at so you are more comfortable.. but you dont need to go washing all up in there just cuz you're self conscious of hte natural odors.

mleil... mleilanim

I am severely anal about every inch of my body being clean & not fragrant. Heck I'd wear glitter in my panties if I didnt think it'd bother me so much. I would only guess some people are so weird about because it truly is the ugliest part of the entir female body....blecht. Douching is a requirement after every monthly visit. I swear by it. I don't mind those SummersEve spray on's either. Sensitive wash is great too. Clean freak maybe but I will tell you when I was first dating my husband he actually asked why I always 'smelled' what he could only describe as 'fresh' & that he's never smelled that before. Were on our 11th year! :-)

Elise N Hoffman

Wow. It sounds like you and your vagina are very happy I have no problem discussing vaginas or any other body part, in their proper context, but waxing poetic about my vagina... Well, it's never occurred to me. But hey, to each her own... On the final question: My feeling is that if you are sharing your vagina with another person (ahem), the polite thing to do is to make sure it is as clean and pleasant as possible. I might dab perfume behind my earlobes; I might use scented body wash on my lady bits. I would be slightly put-off if I were to engage in particular activities with my husband, to discover an excessively... musky... aroma emanating from the relevant area. As wondrous and miraculous as a vagina is, it could benefit from some special attention (in terms of HYGEINE, I mean!) from time to time. :)

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