And the City That Has the Most Sex Is ...


couple kissingIf you watched Sex and the City, you would have probably guessed, like I did, that New Yorkers have the most sex of any residents in any city. Well, you and I were mislead. A small survey of 1,000 adults uncovered that when it comes to cities with the residents who do it the most, Los Angeles is numero uno. What the eff? Eff that!

To me, Los Angeles is the least sexy city ever. All the fake body parts and ulterior motives and sleazy agendas turn this east coaster off. But apparently those Lala landers love themselves some of themselves, because they can't help but get busy 135 times a year. The national average is 120. Gross! Stop doing it, LA!

I don't want to think about all those plastics going at it. All I can visualize is stacking my Barbie on top of Ken and I get freaked out. But good for LA. All that exercising and surgery have really paid off in the sex department. But is the sex any good?

Nope! LA ranked highest in the number of people who admitted to faking orgasms (actors man, they're always showing off), so it would seem that the sexy people in LA only care about themselves and aren't really into pleasing one another.

It's the Philadelphians who have the best sex, according to the survey. Maybe all the grittiness and little brother complex (to NY) make people of the City of Brotherly Love great in the sack. Maybe Philly residents are eager to be liked, eager to please -- that combined with the dogged energy of the city and you're looking at some excellent sexy time. The city with the second best sexers? NYC.

I guess LA is more quantity over quality. But that's really no surprise ... how many Stars Wars movies have there been? How many damn The Fast & The Furious iterations have there been? Enough said.

Were you surprised that LA residents have the most sex?

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nonmember avatar Rick

Hahaha! An East Coaster hating on the West Coast! THAT IS SO CLEVER!!

MamaS... MamaSkywalker

this poster is a complete moron. Los Angeles is not full of "plastics".To think of Los Angeles and it's people being fake, makes you look like a judgemental idiot. Have you ever been to los angeles and the areas that aren't swarmed with tourists? The REAL Los Angeles is great. Which is why so many people love to come here. As an L.A Native, I'm actually proud to see that we're not all a bunch of boring prudes. And if the sex wasn't any good, we wouldn't be having it often. We're not all full of ourselves.  Your post (opinion) is f*cking moronic. Think before deciding to say something stupid about a city you know nothing about.

Brenda Guiza-Mather

That's right, Mama Skywalker! Born & raised in Los Angeles here and far from fake! Get over yourself, west coast hater!

nonmember avatar Walter

New York is full of ugly people. Woody Allen-ugly.

Jim Jones

i can maybe understand how you can tell who has the most, but how can you judge who has the best.
my worst sex was wonderful

MamaS... MamaSkywalker

LOL where's the "LIKE" button for walter's comment? lolol

Kyle Johnson

Home of the LA Fakers ;P

nonmember avatar get it get it

hahahahaha, this article is awesome LA BLOWS. Stop trying to rep your fake city so hard.. it seems desperate. EAST COAST all day. Philly love for life!

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