Sex With Circumcised Men Is Better


As the circumcision debate rolls on and on in parenting forums on the Interwebs, there is one realm in which many women seem to absolutely favor the snip: the bedroom. Yes, I am sorry to say that no matter what the parenting forums say, little Johnny is much more likely to have a girl want to go down if the area is clean and cut, especially if she is American.

How do I know this? In the past couple weeks, I have conducted a highly unscientific poll among close to 50 women I know, all of whom have been with circumcised and uncircumcised men. And the results were a bit surprising.

I will admit when it came time to make this decision for my own child, we asked around and got a lot of answers from women who had been traumatized by uncircumcised penises that were, to put it nicely, "unclean."

Now, of course, a woman can ask the dude to shower and take care of that little stank issue, but the truth is: "It's common for the partner(s) of uncircumcised men to notice a distinct odor or taste when coming in close contact with the penis and foreskin," according to Go Ask Alice. It isn't an insurmountable issue for most couples, of course. And once it's inside, most women can't feel a difference. Still, the overwhelming consensus from women seemed to be that it was just less clean and grossed them out. 

"It was ugly," one friend who asked to remain anonymous said of her uncircumcised former boyfriend. "It looked like a Shar-Pei puppy," said another. You get the drift.

Now, of course, most parents don't make the decision to snip based on the likelihood of future blow jobs for their baby boy. As circumcision rates decline more and more in the States, it likely will be the "norm" to have sexual encounters with uncut men. Still, the women who have been with both seem to prefer the cleaner look of a cut penis.

Of course, some women said that there were benefits to the uncut male, too. One woman whose husband is uncircumcised and who asked to remain anonymous (natch) said her husband could last a much longer time and he had the sense, from college conversations, that this was due to his intact penis. Several also said that the penis felt no different in the dark. The revulsion was really more of a sensory thing -- taste, smell, and sight -- than it was a sexual thing.

Times are changing and maybe in 30 years, women will look with disgust on a cut head and wonder why on Earth anyone would do such a thing. But that time isn't now and for most of the roughly 50 women I heard from, aesthetically speaking, a cut penis wins every time.

Have you had sex with both? Do you have a preference?

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-Tiff... -Tiffany-

I've had both and I prefer uncut. I have not experienced any odors or distinct tastes from uncut men. Maybe these women are just dating unhygienic men and that has nothing to do with whether your cut or not. It just depends on his personal hygiene. Anyway, MY experience with uncut men has been good. IMO it felt better, he could last longer and it looked better. I think circumcised penis' look ugly and un natural.

Billie Jo Evans

I have been with both and I have to say that I totally disagree with your article. My husband is the only uncircumcized male I've ever been with and he is the best sex I've ever had! Of course he showers regularly so he doesn't stink, but anyone who doesn't shower regularly will stink down there. It doesn't matter if you have foreskin or not, a woman will stink down there if she doesn't shower! I just can't believe the stereotypes that have been put on men with foreskin just because of superficial people. Ya'll have some serious issues, even going as far as to say that men with foreskin are more likely to get and spread STDs?? That's just like they say gays who have anal sex are more likely to get AIDS. It's all sh!t in my book.

Pua Smith

Seriously? Seriously? Quite frankly, when making the choice to circumcise my son, his sex life was not my biggest concern. If it's that big of a deal, uncut men can get cut later on in life. Also, women ONLY think it "looks gross" because it's what they are used to. Our cut young and infant sons will soon be the "gross" looking ones because they will no longer be the norm.

What exactly was the point of this article??

nonmember avatar blh

You are more likely to get aids if you have anal sex gay or not. That's just a fact. And gay guys have anal sex alot more. It has nothing to do with the fact that they're gay.

Zamaria Zamaria

I prefer circumcised, personally.

nonmember avatar Liz

If I ever have a son I will have him circumcised for a couple simple reason. I once dated an uncircumcised man (he was German) and he was EXTREMELY clean. I never once smelled any bad odors coming from him. But when I got a yeast infection one time, so did he. That RARELY happens to circumcised men. Also, even though the rates are dropping, circumcision is still the norm and I personally have never met a circumcised man who wished he was uncircumcised. That being said, I have also met uncircumcised men who are proud to be that way, and I would never judge another person for deciding NOT to circumcise their son.

jagam... jagamama0710

I've been with both. My husband is not cut and I prefer it that way. I agree with a previous poster....what in the world is the point of this? 

eye rolling

jagam... jagamama0710

Also, my husband doesn't stink down there. Maybe it's bc he was taught to take care of himself. 

cocob... cocobeannns

I have been with both. My fiance is not circumsized and we have had no issues with it! Sex is better and he is a very clean person in general, so I've never experienced this "odor" issue you're speaking of. I don't mind the look, I actually prefer it to the uncut look. It's not "ugly" by any means.

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