One of the Most Detested Sex Acts Is Good for Women


I've always been a swallower. As a child, I swallowed anything the vacuum cleaner failed to pick up. Crayons. Paper. Nose boogers. Nothing felt dirty or wrong, even if the look on my mother's face told me otherwise. It wasn't until I started giving blow jobs that I thought about what I swallowed. I had given up breast milk long before then, and the idea of swallowing something out of someone else's body felt odd. But anything feels strange until you get used to doing it.

There's a lot of chatter over the age old sex debate, to spit or swallow, but when it comes to decisions, this is an easy one. If you love your partner and can muster up enough strength to take one for the team, take one for the team. Not only do guys love it when women swallow -- something about the whole completion thing -- but there are actually measurable benefits to swallowing, too. 

1. Semen can boost your mood. Sure, this study had to do with intercourse, but if the hormones in semen, mainly testosterone and estrogen, make women happy when they screw, why wouldn't they make women happy when they swallow? Going on that theory, swallowing can make you happier. So next time the kids are screaming for SpongeBob, think about the benefits of another type of bob. The head bob. 

2. Semen does a body good, pass it on. That's right, semen may be a cure for sore throats and diabetes! The next time you eat too much sugar and worry about your insulin levels, balance it out with a little semen (and, of course, talk to your doctor). If you lose your voice shouting at the kids for fighting, protect your throat with semen. These are only some of the possible medical benefits for semen. I can only imagine what else science will uncover about swallowing. Perhaps it's the cure for world hunger? 

3. Semen can taste good. Like French fries or fruit, it all depends on what he eats. When you're looking for a filling snack, why not a little love juice? It's high in protein and only 20 calories per teaspoon. And when he eats celery, cranberries, watermelon, and drinks pineapple juice, he'll taste even juicer. 

4. And for those who can't get themselves to swallow, fear not. You should feel good knowing that a little semen on your face may do wonders for your skin. According to The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress, semen facials are good for you. And in her memoir, I'm Wild Again, even Helen Gurley Brown recommends the semen facial: "Spread semen over your face, [it's] probably full of protein as sperm can eventually become babies. Makes a fine mask — and he'll be pleased."

Do you prefer to spit or swallow?

Image via Torimbc/Flickr

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Addis... AddisonsMommy12

This is a so disgusting. I can't even give head to a male anymore. I use to be able, but GROSS. I DO NOT want some nasty white semen, in my mouth, or all over my face.

It's NEVER tasted good, it's nasty and salty.

So yeah this has to be a joke.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

It's probably full of proteins? lol Yeah... that's sound advice.

And the first study you mention is via sexual intercourse because the hormones stimulate other hormones from the glads with-in your cervix... so swallowing in this account isn't going to do you any good. You're going to feel good just because of the rush you got from your sexual high.

russe... russelsprout

ummm im still not gonna swallow, if you have to start swallowing semen for protine then you need to see a doctor.... and as far as facials.. im good on that department too.... LOL.... Imma pass on all of that thank you.

Simpl... Simplicity3

I'm gagging at the thought of doing either one.

Addis... AddisonsMommy12

Not only that russelsprout, but if you need to start doing things like that for your man to stick around, then you need to rethink your relationship.

kisse... kisses5050

reminds me of the urban legend a young coed is siting in freshman bio class one semester as they are discussing human sexuality the professor is discussing the make up of male sperm. She raises her hand and says "How much salt is in it" the professor says "no salt" and she says " well then why does it always taste so salty?"

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

I prefer to swallow and I actually like it lol :) it does work well on sore throats btw

bibdy... bibdybobdyboob

Well there you go.  I'll have my husband deposit some in a jar and I'll add it to my spinach smoothies in the morning.  (gag, choke)

phant... phantomphan

I swallow. Guess I'm weird.

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