A Hairy Weiner Would Make Anthony More Attractive


guys hairless chestAs more and more photos of Anthony Weiner's man parts are exposed, the scandal has seemingly opened a whole new can of worms: The debate of whether or not hairless guys are hot.

We all know where most guys stand when it comes to our smoothing routines. Thanks to porn, most of 'em think we should all pay upwards of $70 every month to wax mostly bare between the legs -- in addition to shaving, tweezing, threading any other body hair, save the strands on our eyebrows, eyelashes and head.

But what about us? Do we dig a guy like the congressman who waxes away chest, stomach, back and "down there" hair? Is it sexier if a guy shaves it off or even just uses a trimmer?

When considering the Q, thoughts of Charlotte's hubby Harry from Sex & the City initially spring to mind. Remember -- he had the bear-like back that embarrassed the bejeezes out of Char? And when he waxed it for her pre-Hamptons trip, it got all hive-y and red? Gross.

In that case, neither option seems very appealing. Maybe if a guy is a serious man-beast with lots of back hair, he could consider a monthly hypoallergenic wax. Or laser? Yes, laser hair removal would be good!

But I don't think most guys have so much hair that they look bad on the beach. And overall, the hairless look is creepier than it is a turn-on. For quite a few reasons ...

First of all, you don't want a guy who's higher maintenance than you. If he's running to the esthetician every couple of weeks -- which is what they'd probably have to do to maintain the "smooth operator" look Weiner's rockin' in his pics (I know, ugh) -- that's a problem. It's like the balance of beautifying power is off, you know? And second, do you really want a man whose penchant for hair removal has him looking more like a 12-year-old, a Ken doll, or a very attractive gay model? No, no, and no thank you. That's not sexy.

What's sexy to me is a guy who has a decent amount of well-groomed -- in other words, trimmed so it's not a crazy thicket in the nether regions, please! No double-standards! -- body hair. I'd guess most women feel similarly. It's not some complicated thing that needs to be psychoanalyzed or explained at length. It's just that we think it's manly for guys to have hair in places we don't for the most part. It feels good when we snuggle up against their chests, and we like how it looks, poolside or bedside. We'd even like how it looked via sext, but as we should have all learned by now, it's probably best for men not to imitate Weiner when it comes to that or much else -- including hair removal habits.

How do you feel about guys who wax or shave off their body hair -- hot or not?



Image via istolethetv/Flickr

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nonmember avatar FartsOnFire

At least trim it with clippers routinely if u r a man. Women with bushes is NASTY! I don't care who I offend here, I never let mine get more than a few millimeters long and I HAVE to shave it off with a razor. I would never let my crotch hair (crack and all) get any longer than my armpit hair. Bushes on women have been out of style since the 80s.

jonellg jonellg

I do not want a man who is bare anywhere. I find men who wax/shave their chests/arms whatever odd. I do not want a smooth man, I'm smooth I want my DH to be rough. 

nonmember avatar KiptynLesforth

Um...wieners don't grow hair. That would be weird.

prinz... prinzesa_edith

I like my smooth man, but that's because he dosnt grow any on his chest. But that's the way I like it, hair is icky unless its on the head or the face.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

If you're going to remove hair from your chest -- just make sure it's smooth. A stubbly chest is worse than a smooth or a hairy chest.

My ex did not have a hairy chest -- naturally. I didn't care. My current boyfriend has a pretty hairy chest and a little bit of hair on his back too. I don't care. He's my hottie.

Kersten Kersten

Shaving is always better than hairy.  Man or woman.

Jessn... JessnJesse3

I just have to say that I was impressed with the guy. The pic was hot

Cassandra Huber

My hubby has a small amount of hair on his chest and body naturally, and I love it. A REAL man has hair on his body. But I do not like facial hair on a man. Stubble is hot, but after that, no thank you. I don't like the prepubescent look on a man or a woman...hairless is creepy to me. Men should have hair on their chest, underarms, legs, back, and pubic area to an extent, women are the onse who should have smooth legs, underarms, and what we prefer in our nether regions is fine although a massive bush is gross. But being completely bare down there for a woman is creepy to me, like a little girl.

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