7 Nasty Man Habits That Really Turn Us On


One person's sexy can always be another person's disgusting. Any time we start dating someone new, we always run the risk of the object of our affection turning someone else off with his/her bad self. After all, as The Stir's Michele Zipp said, "love is blind and scentless."

But it's more than that, too. For some of us, on the right person, even the nastiest of the nasties, the grossest of the gross-outs is actually a turn-on. Now, don't get me wrong. Even Brad Pitt can't make skid marks hot. But there are some "gross" things that actually, given the right man and the right mix of hormones, are actually more of a turn-on than a turn-off.

Here are 7 gross things that are actually pretty hot:

  • Beer breath: Maybe it's all those college era make-out sessions, but there is something about beer breath that really takes a girl back to the easier times. It feels reckless, sexy, and youthful, and I will always want to kiss my hubby after he's had a draft.
  • Cigarette breath: Since I in no way condone smoking, it's hard to believe this one makes the list, but it does. Same reasons as above. Don't hate me.
  • Light body odor: There is nothing sexier than a man who is working hard and hasn't yet showered. No matter how salty his skin tastes or how sweaty his pits, you just want to kiss him right there. And yes, BO is a part of that. Now, the BO on an unwashed hobo on the public bus? Maybe not so much. But on a man you lust for anyway? Pure perfection.
  • Sweat: See above. Hard working = SEXY.
  • Armpit hair: There is something uber-masculine about the area under a guy's arm when he is bare chested. And yes, that underarm usually has hair. It feels virile and sensual and oh-so-"other." Very sexy, indeed.
  • "Fluids" (ahem): Sex can be a messy affair, and yes, sometimes there are fluids excreted, and some women (not me!) happen to like them to stay on them throughout the day. It's like having him with you in some (ultra, ultra) small way.
  • Unwashed nethers: A man once told me that "nothing is as sexy as a recently unwashed woman." And yes, there are times when it isn't so disgusting to skip a shower. It's earthy, sensual, and more than a little sexy.

Do you find anything "gross" sexy?


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Maias... MaiasMommy619

These are all nasty to me on many levels...

Pua Smith

I agree with all of them EXCEPT last two. Eww. Even the cigarette thing, although I HATE smoking. It still smells like memories.

cocob... cocobeannns

Is this a joke? I don't find any of these "hot". In fact, they're all pretty disgusting. Number one and number two make me gag.

Habib... Habibti812

This is just disgusting.... ugh.

Sweet... Sweet_Britt

What??? How are any of these sexy?

I can see the sweat thing (not the BO part! Time for new deodorany hun), but thats IT on this list o.O

And I've kissed guys with smokers breath and that is NOT hot!

Taralyn Miller

Sweat! I think sweat on a hardworking man is a major turn on.  The rest are pretty gross.  I can understand the beer one though.

ashjo85 ashjo85


Jessica Breaux

Before I got pregnant I liked the smell of cigarette smoke, just in general, but not cigarette breath. After I got pregnant with my son it was and still is revolting to me. That was the only one for me, but not anymore. None make the list.

amand... amanda2780

badYUCK ALL GROSS!! None of them are turn ons for me!!

Jenny Vargas

LOL... I think most of these are pretty gross....

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