A Couple That Poops Together Stays Together


About a decade ago, my husband and I were out to dinner with a big group of friends, all in relationships, married, or engaged, all living together. The subject of the bathroom came up: sharing a bathroom, who has what kind of habits. The question was asked if couples use the crapper in front of each other. Many said yes, they do, maybe not as a first choice, but sometimes you have to go. But there was one couple who said they refused to do any bodily function with the other in the bathroom, refused to even pass gas in front of each other.

I'm just putting it out there. I'm laying it all on the table. I pee, poop, and toot in front of my husband. And I find it weird when couples don't.

Now, really, it isn't like I invite my husband in when I need to go Number Two. I don't say, "C'mon, honey, come and watch me!" But, we have one bathroom. What else am I going to do when he's showering and it just can't wait? Mornings are busy. When three people (Kiddo included) have to all brush their teeth and use the potty before skedaddling out the door and you have only one bathroom, someone is peeing while you are scrubbing those pearly whites. It's just the way it goes.

If there's an invisible "No Person Allowed" element to the bathroom, it seems you truly aren't comfortable with each other -- which is weird in a marriage, not good, doesn't bode well. When you're married, you should feel free to do what you want in front of your spouse. He or she should be the one person that you should never be embarrassed or uncomfortable around -- including doing what you do on the porcelain throne.

Now, back to that dinner. Many of the couples said they had no qualms at all peeing with someone else in the bathroom, and most would poop in front of each other if it was necessary due to circumstance. All said they knew they were in a serious relationship when they felt comfortable enough to let one rip in front of their partner. And the one couple who never even tooted in front of each other? They split, both with other partners now ... no word on if they've changed their bathroom habits.

Do you poop or pee in front of your husband?


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Pua Smith

I'll toot, pee, brush my teeth, shower, whateves, in front of my husband. But not poo. Pooing is "me" time. It has nothing to do with being uncomfortable around him, but that's the time I read, play games, surf the web on my phone, whatever, uninterupted. Having to entertain someone else during my "me" time? No thanks.

nonmember avatar Sara

Pee, yes, if not in direct line of sight. Poop? Hell no! I don't want to even go in the bathroom for at least...25-35 minutes after HE'S been in there, much less to be present during the act. Nor do I want him to be subject to it with me. SOMETHING has to remain sacred, right?

hotic... hoticedcoffee

You people are animals, lol.  Bathroom time is private in my house - both myself and my husband grew up this way, and we like it.  Bodily functions aren't sexy, and I will happily go to my grave having never occupied the same room with my husband while either of us are taking a dump.  And, since I'm sure you're trying to figure out how long til we split, consider your theory a bunch of crap (pun intended) - we're coming up on 21 years together in August.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

My husband and I could, if in an emergency... it isn't because we're ashamed. I will use the bathroom if he's in the shower, but I'll wait until he's done if he's shaving or something. It is because we both see that as a private deal. If nature happens and a fart comes out, not a big deal... we don't make a big deal about things like that. You excuse yourself and move on... we don't laugh or fart AT each other like so many claim is fun to do, we just don't see the hilarity of it.

Manners and self-respect, something we as a society really lack. And, after 14 years together, it doesn't seem to be hindering our marriage in any way.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Whatever happened to keeping a little mystery in a relationship? I want my husband to think I'm sexy and pooping is not sexy. We've been married for ten years, together for fourteen, and for the first seven years or so we had one bathroom. It's not that hard to share a bathroom without being in it at the same time, most adults can wait five minutes for someone to get out of the bathroom before they go.

crsun... crsunshine81

I consider myself to pretty comfortable around my husband but there are just certain things that I cannot do which is poo.  I have pee'd and walked around naked but poo is a no no!!  While we all know that everyone does it there are certain things that I dont want my husband to see. I agree with Rhonda, I want him to think that  I am sexy and not ever have a mental picture of me pooping on the toliet!

Tiffa... TiffanyinSF

Add us to the list of couples with boundaries!  Just because you love someone and are comfortable with them doesn't mean you have to forgo all manners.  Subjecting another person to your stank is rude.  Loving them is all the more reason to close the door!

butte... butterflymkm

I guess I'm on the other side of the fence! We aren't married but have been together 5 years and lived together for over 3. And yeah, ya gotta go ya gotta go! Maybe we are a little immature with each other in the privacy of our own home but I'm okay with that. It makes us laugh if someone let's out a big fart (again this is private and in our own home certainly not in public!) and it eases lifes every day tensions. My fiancé whisper in my ear once that he farted in an isle at CVS silently but deadly (accidently!) and a poor guy walked through it and came out the end of the isle with a horrible look on his face. We laughed off and on for days about that. I guess were just weird lol. Also I have IBD so the bathroom is my constant friend during a flare up. He has to brush his teeth/hair/take a shower sometime. I had a close family growing up (just me & my mom for a long time) and she had giardia so she was in the bathroom a lot and Im just used to it I guess also we were both girls so being naked or seeing each other pee isn't a big deal to me.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

Some of us, no matter how hard we may try or how many bathrooms we have, DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! I have a medical condition-irritable bowel syndrome-and because of this, sometimes there's no warning and you HAVE to go NOW! Neither of us would chose it as something fun to do, but it's part of life. We've also found it helpful with potty training our kids. They see us go and know it's not a big deal in the family to be in there and they're more comfortable with it. We try to keep the bathroom time as personal as we can, but 5 people in a 1 1/2 bathroom house, somethings have to give sometimes!

Nicho... NicholasMama608

If I have to, yes, I would use the bathroom in front of my boyfriend but otherwise, no.  That's private time.  Plus I'm a germ freak.  I'm not brushing my teeth while someone is peeing or pooping.  The lid gets shut before we flush so the germs don't go flying around the bathroom.  I don't even keep the toothbrushes in the bathroom because I don't want them to get gross. 

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