8 Gifts Mothers Give Fathers Every Day

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My needs for Mother's Day are very simple: A day to myself, without the children I so adore. Maybe I'd see them for breakfast and then around dinnertime for a bit, before retreating to bed. Privacy. Alone time. No chores. Yes, a day of my children in small doses sounds like the perfect break for this exhausted mom. Oddly, all the very things I would love for myself are the very same things my husband gets, every day. Lucky stiff.


1. A break from the kids. It's called a job. Some days, I'm jealous.

2. A shower in peace. It's called having a job and needing to shower before 8 a.m. Mine usually come just before bed out of pure desperation.

3. The ability to pee in peace. It's called having a job and being able to pee in an office without hearing children scream your name the entire time.

4. Not having to change a diaper or wipe a butt. For some reason, my children prefer I perform that task. It's an ... honor?

5. Not having to get up with vomiting/tummy aching/wet the bed children. I can't say I really mind being the default parent to deal with this stuff. Hearing "Daddy" called out in the middle of the night would probably cause me to burst into tears. But, a break once in a while would be nice.

6. Having my laundry folded. Well, my idea of folding might be more like stuffing wadded up clothes into drawers, but still. Having someone else do it would be blissful.

7. A home-cooked dinner. Sure, my husband would usually prefer a bowl of cereal or pizza. I, on the other hand, would kill for a hot meal presented to me every night.

8. An always loving, cheerful, and enthusiastic spouse. OK, maybe that one was pushing it.


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ha! The last one cracked me up!

Becki Ross

The freedom to come and go as he pleases...

These are all very true! I have been talking about these axact thing with my girlfriends so much lately...

tazdvl tazdvl


monal... monalisasus

Oh I want all those things, except number 4, hes good about that. 

Leele... Leelee1008

Yup sounds about right, except I would add retreating outside for a 4 hour smoke.lol He gos out side and spends like over an house smoking while I get to hang out inside with the 3 ring circus lol

Brice... BriceAllisonMom

Going to the store alone- whether he is getting smokes or gas he usually goes alone I have 1 if not both kids and thats the little trips to get milk or big trips.  Can't wait for fall when they are both in school all day or Nov when hubby is home from deployment and I can say I'll be back and can go I dont have to fight over getting shoes on or finding a sweater

Karen E MacLellan

My hubby is pretty good about these things, I'm pretty lucky... although I also wouldn't mind a job either, not just to get away from the kids but I feel guilty that he's the only one supporting the family. My biggest pet peaves are the laundry and the dishes; if clean laundry are so pilled up so high its starting to fall off of the couch downstairs to be folded, or the counterspace is getting cramped with dirty dishes, do I seriously have get mad and ask everytime when he walks by and ignores it, not cool?

Karen E MacLellan

And there's a lot more dad's that have reversed roles with stay at home mom's now don't forget that too ;)

chipp... chipper87


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