Anal Sex Is Still Sex, People!


We all knew the girl in high school who publicly claimed to be a virgin even though she was having all kinds of oral or anal sex in private. As long as she kept vaginal sex sacred, then she was a virgin. But I call BS.

It's all sex, it just goes by different names. Penetration is penetration and now, anal sex is more popular than ever. Done right, under the right set of circumstances, anal is a great addition to the sexual menu as it were. But to call it anything other than sex in a heterosexual relationship is to lie to oneself.

In fact, I would venture that anal sex is actually MORE intimate and sacred than vaginal sex. For many men, the "back door" is the ultimate conquest because so many women are against the idea, but as it grows in popularity, I really hope it doesn't become the new oral, i.e., something that women are desensitized to and don't consider "sex" at all.

I blame Bill Clinton. Back in the day he said he "did not have sex with that woman." What he meant was, he only had oral. And from that day forward, a new trend was born. But oral sex IS sex. And anal is even more.

Are we becoming more open or devaluing acts that are just as intense and "penetrating" as THE act itself? The fact is, anal sex can be a whole lot of fun and is certainly something homosexual couples have always done, but for heterosexual couples, only the most "adventurous" of women have been willing to try it.

There is no doubt it's worth a try. Many women find it to be extremely hot and it can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. But women should also feel like they're free to not engage in anal. As it becomes more and more normal, it makes me wonder not only what else will become taboo, but whether there will be a certain pressure to like it even if you don't. 

By all means, experiment away, but don't pretend that anal is "nothing." It IS sex. And it's worth a try, but you also don't have to like it to still be viewed as a sexual and exciting woman.

Do you consider anal to be sex?


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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Grown up consenting adults can call it whatever the hell they want- but teens MUST understand that there are dangers and consequences that come from any form of 'intimate' contact. Parents must understand that teens can easily convince themselves otherwise, no matter how bright they are or what their grades are like! Foreplay and those funny feelings you get can turn the most hardened adult into mush- kids, even those who have been taught about safe sex, are just as susceptible to giving into the moment.

We ARE animals by nature and sexual ones at that- we are designed to procreate and give into those good feelings... NEVER forget that and be proactive parents to child that know that as well.

Kat.M. Kat.M.

Um I find anal disgusting... That's where your poop comes out of...

nonmember avatar Raven Goddess

This article is great! I personally love to have anal. I have been in a solid relationship for 3 years and our sex life is still very amazing! A big part of that is because we make each other so comfortable with one another that anything goes sexually! Granted, anal is no for all women. I have been in previous long term relationships and never enjoyed anal at all before. I believe if you are truly comfortable with your partner you will enjoy any sexual activity that comes your way. And yes, the orgasms can be fantabulous! Thanx for the read!

nonmember avatar Nana Ruby

no it's just something extra to get grandpa off.. we done most of the stuff on the bucket list.. now the challenge is to have sex without working parts.

nonmember avatar Clarkson123

My wife and I enjoy anal, it is great for us !

ankharra ankharra

Um, yeah, anal is sex.  And all of the risks of vaginal sex are still there, some moreso.  If there isn't enough lubrication, tearing can happen which makes it easier to get STDs.  If there isn't a condom, sometimes the sperm can drip down, and the female can still get pregnant.

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