'My Wife Won't Have Sex with Me' Is a Pathetic Excuse to Cheat


mad coupleAwww. Poor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It's not his fault he cheated -- Maria's a prude, apparently, and their marriage was sexless! Well, this changes everything! What else was the poor, neglected guy supposed to do? It's just like when Jesse James justified cheating on Sandra Bullock and compared her (unfavorably) to his new flame's performance in bed (Kat Von D).

We forgive you, Arnold and Jesse ... not!!


Cheating on a spouse is bad enough, but to try to pin the blame on her after you split up ... well, that's just pathetic. And it's not just celebs who try to use this get-out-of-jail-free card; I've heard plenty of everyday men cop the same lame excuse. This is a two-fold offense: First, if sex was really the problem in a couple's marriage, it's safe to say both parties were at fault (maybe she wasn't "in the mood" because he doesn't know what the definition of "foreplay" is). These are issues that both spouses need to be vocal about on a consistent basis, talking through problems as they come up. Second, if a woman's been cheated on, guess what? She already feels like a doormat. To diss her sexual skills after you've already broken her heart is tacky, it's cruel ... it's a big bowl of wrong, that's what it is.

Of course, in the end this kind of behavior has the exact opposite effect of what these guys intended: It makes them look like total d-bags and their wives look like saints. It also makes them look insecure, which makes everyone doubt their sexual skills ("No wonder she didn't want to have sex with you!"). So yeah, go ahead and run your mouth off, Arnie. We'll just snicker about the side effects of all those steroids you did.

Should cheating husbands keep their mouths shut?

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momof... momof030404

yOu know I can see where a poor or insufficient sex life would stress a marriage even make one or both very unhappy.......but if you are THAT unnhappy/miserable/unsatisfied you RESPECT the union and the other person enough to LEAVE the relationship before you start another! If you DONT that's ALL on YOU! These men are just trifling. You certainly dont go and compare them to other lovers....thats just sick....and again all on you.  Biggest ICK factor for in the Arnold cheating is how obvious it is that he went straight from ONE bed to the OTHER withOUT protection!! EEEEWWWWWW!

madja... madjanssen

I agree with momof030404. You work through the marriage - that's why there is therapy or counselling. Perhaps they were embarrassed to admit they had problems in their marriage but I would think they would have gained a lot more admiration for their courage to admit they had issues just like any other married couple. I am just hoping that their kids will give them the punishments they deserve. There's nothing like your kids telling you in your face what a lousy man you are for cheating on their mother (well at least for ArnoldS) and then rubbing her face in it. Sandra Bullock might not be the mother to his kids but I doubt JesseJ will gain anymore love or respect from them for what he did to her.

nonmember avatar Annie

It's none of our business. And the men probably would "keep their mouths shut" about reasons if America wasn't obsessed with hearing every last bit of gossip, "information", rumor and theory out there pertaining to their private lives. Women who refuse to have sex with their husbands are not living up to their marriage vows either, strictly speaking. While I don't condone lying or making your spouse vulnerable to disease (although if you're not having sex with them...) in monogamy-obsessed American culture there is no excuse for an affair, so anything these men might have said in their defense after making their publicly demanded "apologies" to the world would have been dismissed as a lame excuse.

Jacqueline Thoennes

Regarding Arnold, hey roids shrink your manparts buddy.  Maybe Maria got sick of looking at that pathetic little worm.   A cheater is a cheater no matter the excuse.  Ol' Arnie must have been hard up to bang his housekeeper.  Wow......

nonmember avatar titprim

Hmmm, man makes unfavorable comment about wife's sexual performance (a reference to just one, specific, individual woman). Next, other women get all offended and insecure and need to reassure themselves by taking shots at Arnold's sexual performance and/or penis size. Wow! And here I was thinking it was men who had fragile egos.

As for justifying cheating, suppose the sexes were reversed, and Arn would not put out, leading Maria to stray. What would the reaction be then?

(Raise voice three octaves...)
"Well, we women need to feel an intimate connection with the men we love, and when that connection just isn't there, we may sometimes be led to seek reassurance from someone else to boost our self-esteem and sense of desirability."
(Lower voice back three octaves…)

See? Any type of behavior can be made to sound noble if you spin it right.

there... theresaphilly

I wont be in a sexless marriage. 

ta2di... ta2dirishlass

Sex is fun, we all understand that, but it irritates me when people use its quality or altogether lack of to justify stepping out of their committed relationship. If it's that bad, break up with the partner THEN go find it elsewhere, don't cheapen the partner by trying to juggle both. 



jmo..bs..nothing but bs..if the shoe was on the other foot would she cheet ..no..she would not..my marriage was sexless the last 3 years ..did i cheet ..no i did not..men are just pigs.

.Momm... .MommieAJ.

There is no reason, excuse, or cause to cheat..the cheater is selfish and doesn't love their significant other/spouse, and any "excuse" they give is just because they want to blame someone other than themselves because they know they committed one of the worst acts of betrayal. That's all there is to it. If you want to step out on your marriage, etc - divorce/break up with them. There is no point staying in a relationship you don't plan to be faithful, committed, and devoted to. The end.

prplecat prplecat

Awww, come on!  We know that Arnie knows what foreplay is...it's walking up to a woman and pulling her tits out of her bra.  What else could anyone ever need???

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