5 Things Men Do in Summer That Are a Major Turn Off


speedo turnoffI love summertime. It's the time of year with the smell of L-O-V-E in the air. I feel closer to my man when it's warm outside. Is it because we're wearing less clothes, in better moods with the sunshiny vitamin D, maybe some weird love potions are in the sunscreen bottle? Who knows, but for those in relationships or those looking for a hot romance, summer and everything about it is the perfect time to get some lovey-dovey mojo going. So what do guys do in the summertime to turn us on ... and turn us off?

Today and tomorrow, we'll look at some classic things men do when the weather heats up that float our romance boat and those that sink our sexy ship.

First up, turn-offs.

He gets a "farmer tan" -- We gals know how hard it is to have a wonko tan line, but our men get the worse kind when they work out in the yard or go golfing. The farmer tan is just about as pleasing to look at as my cottage-cheese thighs. You know it when you see it: tan or red-tinged arms from right above the elbow to the wrist, tan neck and face ... and pale everywhere else.

He turns into a crazy baseball freak -- Yelling at the TV, constantly having on ESPN radio when you are driving anywhere, trust me, it really doesn't do it for your lady. I know men (and women) love their teams. Why is it a turn-off? First, baseball games take sooooo long. By the time you are done watching it, I am in bed, off to Dreamland. Second, when it's nice outside, skipping a picnic or staying inside on a beautiful afternoon to watch the game is a huge romance-buster. So is checking your iPhone every three minutes for the score.

He breaks out the mandals -- I know our men deserve to keep their dogs cool in the summer, but those weird, brown leather, woven, clunky mandals are, well, just ugly. Don't get me started when he wears them with socks. Flip-flips aren't so bad, until you look closer and see his toe hair.

He makes some odd hat choices -- Caps I get. Even some of those cotton fisherman hats can look cute. It's the straw ones I have a problem with, as well as those fedoras that are cropping up everywhere. Really, it's just costume-y, a bit like you're trying too hard to look cool ... trying too hard is always a turn-off.

He dons a Speedo -- Unless a man is competing in a swim meet, Speedos should not be worn. Period. Really. Doesn't matter if it's George Clooney, those tiny-weeny bikini swimsuits on men are just ... just ... okay, sorry, having a hard time concentrating because I keep picturing George Clooney in a Speedo.

What turns you off in the summertime? Check back tomorrow for our top summertime turn-ons!


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rainb... rainbowcool19

I find nothing wrong with a man wearing sandals, or in this case "mandals"

nonmember avatar SD

Why are Americans such prudes. There is nothing wrong with a man wearing a speedo at the beach or pool. I guess you like men wearing American-Taliban burqa board shorts that go below the naked knees. You like men in swim "pants".

nonmember avatar Farmerswife

I love my husband's farmer tan!!! Guess what, he's a farmer! And straw hats?? What's wrong with that, it's too hot for a felt cowboy hat in the summer! You must be a city girl!

nonmember avatar Julianna

There is absolutely NO bigger turn off than a man wearing those brown woven leather mandala. Wwwwww. Men please do not ever wear those horrible things. That is an absolute deal breaker. NO MANDALS!!!

nonmember avatar Zia

okay 1st what’s wrong with baseball? I happen to love it! I thought relationships were about love and compromise... sit through a game with you man I’m sure as hell you ladies make him watch all those chick flicks. 2nd farmer tans are hot, so are those straw hats. And 3rd does your man complain about your shoes or you swimsuit? Why complain about his, you should love him for who he is not who you want to make him in to.

ms_da... ms_danielle_j

the guy in the above pic wearing that speedo is a major turn-off for me! LOL

KeLLiRay KeLLiRay

Dear Heather Chaet,
I think you speak for yourself on these matters. I don't understand how a woman could be so judgemental on a man. I for one think it's the sexiest when my Marine comes home, takes off his shirt and struts to the shower room sporting a farmer's tan. It shows that's he's been working hard like a man should. Sports is my favorite time with my husband, Game days at our house are loud, with good food and good people, a little healthy betting competition is always guaranteed & some playful smack talking is always fun. Sure, they don't always have the best fashion sense, but going as far as to call flipflop 'mandals' and you also can't seem to make up your mind.. would you rather see socks or hairy toes? Hats are hats, they serve no purpose other than to either shade you from the sun, or fashion. trying to look nice, is a turn ON. even if it's just to be goofy. & if you can get a man into a speedo, that's sex as HELL, why? because he's obviously confident to don it!! I'm sorry if you're insecure about your "cottage cheese thighs" but just because you're in the shallow end of the confidence pool doesn't give you the right to judge others who are bold and diving off the high board.

nonmember avatar Kristina

Aw, I love baseball! And I love watching it with my husband (we are HUGE Cardinals fans). Totally with you on the mandals, though.

My hubs likes to wear a pair of cut-off sweatpant shorts. HUGE turnoff!

Tracys2 Tracys2

None of those bother me, except baseball a little. I don't care for it. But I'm OK with cricket or rugby or car racing, olympics, or any number of other sports- my impatience is pretty much only American football and baseball. Unfortunately, my husband can't put up with sports at all. It can be fun to hang out in a group, watch a game every week or 2, drink a beer and eat some junk.

Don't mind sandals or bare feet, don't mind farmers' tans or even speedos (I was a swimmer, I'm immune), would like hats that aren't baseball caps, they are boring.

mmtos... mmtosam06

i like rugby a lil bit baseball yeah ill watch heck i grew up with it on as a child lol that my mom ultimately bought my dad a shirt that read :"We interrupt this marriage season with Baseball"

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