8 Things That Men Say & What They 'Really' Mean


Man's brain I’ve always thought guys were more likely than ladies to think about sex all day. After all, don't we have better, more cerebral things to think about?

Now it turns out that the old belief -- that men think about sex all of the time -- may not be true. A new study reveals that men actually think about food and sleep proportionately more than they do about sex.

This was a surprise to me. Maybe all of those times that I thought my husband was coming on to me, he just wanted me to make him a big bowl of ice cream and then get some shut eye. Have I been entirely misinterpreting his advances? For example:

He says: Come give me a hug.
You think: Uh oh, he wants to grind against me as foreplay.
What he really means: I want to feel physically and emotionally close to you.

Here are a few other statements made by men that perhaps have been misinterpreted:

He says: I think I'm going to hit the sack. Are you ready too?
You think: He wants me to go to bed with him and give him a blow job.
He really means: I have to get up early tomorrow and I want to be rested for my big meeting.

He says: I'm so hungry, I could eat you up.
You think: He's hungry for me.
He really means: I haven't eaten in a few hours so I'm really hungry.

He says: I'm in the mood for something spicy.
You think: Ooh, he wants to have kinky sex.
What he really means: Can you get some of that Sriracha from the fridge? The food's a little bland.

He says: Let’s take a nap.
You think: The kids are asleep and he wants to get some afternoon delight.
What he really means: The baby kept me up last night and I could use some shut eye.

He says: Can I help you with dinner?
You think: Hmm, that's suspicious. If he helps me, I’ll owe him sexual favors later.
What he really means: I’m really hungry and if you let me help you, we’ll eat sooner.

He says
: Are you going to eat all of that?
You think: Jerk, he must not have liked the view of my rear end when we were going at it earlier.
What he really means: It looks really good, I did a lot of cardio this morning and I’m still hungry.

He says: I’m wiped out.
You think: I just tried to arouse him and he is as flaccid as a wet noodle. Guess I'm not attractive to him anymore.
What he really means: You just completely sexually satisfied me. And all I want to do is lie here and cuddle with you, the love of my life.

Yes, men really are this simple. 

Does your man think about sex all day? Or would he rather eat and sleep?


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Death... Deathlilly

Idk, I have trouble believing that 100%. One can only hope though.

nonmember avatar Christine

I think about sex more than my hubby :) hehehe.....and I still have plenty of time to eat and sleep!

yayhe... yayheadstart

No, I am pretty sure mine just thinks about sex all day! Lol

kaema... kaemay885

He'd more then likely want to eat or sleep. I know he thinks about sex, but he needs to eat first haha

nonmember avatar Retnan

In most of these cases the "you think" is actually the correct answer.

I'm a man, don't drink beer or coffee.

Octob... Octobersmom

Yes they are that simple...if you stop at what you have for what the woman thinks he means because THOSE are what he DOES mean.  My hubby suggested that I simply comment here 'What a load of crap!'

(He does conceed that the food question most likely does just mean he's hungry but yeah, the rest mean he wants sex.)


AnnieMcD AnnieMcD

I wonder what kind of woman thinks that in reply to everything their man says. Lord.

Cordi... Cordistew

My husband (now 25)  USED to think about sex all the time.  But not long after the arrival of our (now 13 month old) son, it's not quite so.  He used to say a few of the above lines and it mean what the women thought but now, it's more than likely the "what he really means".

Kayla Rae

The baby kept me up all night? RIGHT! Sorry im finding this hard to believe lol

allie... alliesmom112

I know he thinks about sex a lot but I think he probably does think about food and sleep more

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