15 Best Marriage Proposals Ever


A Washington DC couple has just raised the bar on awesome proposals this past weekend when Corey Newman proposed to his girlfriend Marlowe Epstein via crossword puzzle in last Sunday's Washington Post. She said yes because, after all, how could she not? It is the sweetest thing ever.

Newman worked with a crossword writer at the Post to come up with the perfect crossword for Epstein who is an aficionado. Clues led to her hometown, her first name, his first name and more. Then of course, finally, it was: Willyoumarryme? And he dropped to one knee. Can we get a collective awwwwwww....?

Proposal via crossword puzzle is unique and awesome, but it is not the only creative way to propose. Here are another 15 of the top proposals we could find:


  1. Subway proposal: A Toronto street artist plastered a “Will you marry me?” sign on top of a subway stop!
  2. Pick a unique place: Seal proposed to Heidi Klum in an igloo at 14,000 feet and presented her with a 10-carat ring.
  3. Movie trailer proposal: This man hired a whole production team to make a mock movie trailer and then showed it at a local theater with all their friends. “She had no idea this was a marriage proposal until the last three seconds of the trailer,” he says in his YouTube info.
  4. Strip proposal: Howard Stern ordered his girlfriend Beth Ostrosky to strip nude and then proposed to her right before having sex.
  5. On TV: New York Giants player Jason Sehorn proposed to Angie Harmon live on The Tonight Show! Carrie Ann Inaba also received the same treatment on Regis & Kelly.
  6. In front of LOVE: A man in New York proposed to his girlfriend in front of the LOVE sculpture in New York City and took her by surprise!
  7. On a video game: This couple does not seem particularly excited, but the Super Mario Brothers proposal was very romantic.
  8. On the Weather Channel!: This couple got engaged on the Weather Channel (she is a meterologist).
  9. Via muppet: OMG. Could this be cuter? This guy made puppets of both he and his fiance and recreated moments in their courtship on video before popping the question.
  10. Using the Old Spice: This man used the hot Old Spice man to propose. Kind of confident of him to assume she would still want him after seeing hot Old Spice man!
  11. Gigantic boxes: This man hid under a special box he built and tricked his girlfriend into lifting it off him to find him there with a ring.
  12. During the Boston Marathon: This dude was running the race but stopped long enough to propose to his lady. How sweet is that?
  13. By circus performance: This one actually made me cry it was so sweet. The dude got all his performance art friends together to give his girlfriend the proposal of a lifetime.
  14. Musical performance: This one could be fake and is VERY cheesy, but also highly original so it made the cut.
  15. Police raid: A lawmaker in Baltimore staged a REAL police raid to propose. HE got in a lot of trouble, but she said yes.

What is your favorite?


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Beths... Bethsunshine

My husband proposed to me on a roller coaster, called "The Hurler"!! Next Saturday will be exactly 16 years since he popped the question. He had the ring in his pocket, wrapped up in a white piece of paper from a hotel notepad. As soon as the ride started, he dug the ring out of his pocket, put it on my finger and said " I thought this might be an appropriate time. Will you marry me?" I was so shocked, that I never did answer him and I don't remember anything about the ride after that.  I guess it worked out though, since we've been married for 15 and a half years!!

starl... starlight1968

the crossword thing has been done before but years and years ago... and agree that girl should have RUN the other way if he truly 'ordered' her to strip... very sad/sick man.

nonmember avatar Cat

best i've seen, its loud cause it was freezing out that day. p.s its my family http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPW1DAsYBjk

Kriss... KrissyMama88

i got a text from my df "were engaged youll get a ring" lol very memorable to me not romantic but im not into romance

Debbie Taylor

My friend propsed to his wife on a local tv show.  He took her to an aquarium where they were to be extras in the scene.  They were placed right up front next to the glass where a scuba diver was demonstrating how they feed the fish.  He dug up a sign and held it to the glass next to my friend and his intended...saying "[her name], will you marry me?"  Then my friend got down on one knee and produced the ring.  His and her entire family were there.  It was so sweet and a complete surprise!

Jennifer Schoenberger

I would say yes to anyone who actually got the Old Spice Guy to ask me to marry someone. Mostly because I would do anything the Old Spice Guy told me to do.

Wheep... Wheepingchree

Someone proposed to his girl at the open mic night at the coffee shop I work at last night!

nonmember avatar Alice

A guy proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of our St. Patrick's Day parade this year. She thought they were just marching with the rest of the family, then they reached the part of the route where his friends were lined up holding the banner asking her to marry him, and he got down on one knee, it was really cute.

nonmember avatar Christine

My husband proposed to me on the top of Stone Mountain (a landmark in here in Georgia). We had our first date there so he thought it would be a great place to propose (I agree!) Just a little over a month later I was at Stone Mountain telling my friend I was pregnant (without a test, just felt it). A test later that night confirmed. So Stone Mountain has turned into quite a special spot for us <3

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