5 Surprising Facts About Females Jerking Off


woman masturbation crotchThe folks over at Pleated-Jeans put together a fun infographic of somewhat stimulating facts and stats about masturbation. However, we've whacked off their facts about male masturbation (duh, they all do it, all the time, as much as possible; yes, even when you're lying next to them and some have even died going way too far to get off -- those are the facts about male masturbation in a, er, nutshell).

Instead, for a much more stimulating conversation, we've gone ahead and banged out the more compelling and most surprising facts about female masturbation. After all, we tend to get off on our own plenty. So let's talk about it. You know you want to.

5 Surprising Facts About Females Jerking Off

Here are the facts about female masturbation, along with our conclusions about them.

1. Fact: 89% of women admit to masturbating. Our Conclusion: The other 11% will only admit to heavy petting.

2. Fact: More than 41% of people have accidentally been caught masturbating. 22.6% of women have intentionally been walked in on. Our Conclusion: Intentionally? Oh, I get it -- they're the martyr-y ones who constantly balk, "If I want something done, I have to do it myself!"

3. Fact: 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation over sex. Our Conclusion: Does this coincide with the finding that 40% of men want their women to have liposuction? Well, screw you, @ssholes. Who needs you anyway?

4. Fact: Studies suggest masturbation may be good for you. Cervical infections might be reduced with frequent personal stimulation. Our Conclusion: As if we needed another reason.

5. Fact: Female porcupines have been witnessed using wooden sticks to masturbate. Our Conclusion: What did you expect? Porcupine dildos are pretty hard to come by.

Which of these female masturbation facts do you find most shocking?


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nonmember avatar jstock

I didnt think porcupines had orgasms or had sex for pleasure, why would they masturbate?

nonmember avatar TMcDime

Headlines...Ms Porcupine gets off with the stick!!!

jenny... jennycagle

Nice article. Of course I wouldn't go get a damn liposuction to please my man. He'd be dropped like a bag of trash if he ever said "you're too fat or too ugly." That's bs. Ciao.

lizzi... lizzielu9

Guess what Kaymea885, YOUR FIANCE MASTURBATES!

nonmember avatar jannie

74% of women want their fat-ass husbands to get liposuction.

L1558 L1558

Go lady Porcupines! lmao!! 

L1558 L1558

SimplyMe...this begs the question...how did a T-Rex masturbate?? 


cafem... cafemom302

Jerking is for guys. I like to touch myself when my dh & i are getting it on. Making love is best if I come first or we come together. Then I don't fake it or feel High & dry (wet). If he's away, there's always my vibe or the shower massager. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Enjoy youself.

nonmember avatar crystal

I think all opf this is completely normal. women like to masturbate just as much as guys do. and anyone who says its gross or wrong is lying and they prolly do it more than everyone else. and if you christians dont wanna be judged as too conservative or unaccaepting of other people, then quit fitting the sterotype. you may not, but most of the others do. they claim to think masturbation is wrong and gross but yet they are the ones who judge people without even knowing them just czu they dont go to church or are gay or something. if there really is a god then he would want all people to be themselves and love themselves for who they are. not send them to hell cuz they are gay.

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