5 Surprising Facts About Females Jerking Off


woman masturbation crotchThe folks over at Pleated-Jeans put together a fun infographic of somewhat stimulating facts and stats about masturbation. However, we've whacked off their facts about male masturbation (duh, they all do it, all the time, as much as possible; yes, even when you're lying next to them and some have even died going way too far to get off -- those are the facts about male masturbation in a, er, nutshell).

Instead, for a much more stimulating conversation, we've gone ahead and banged out the more compelling and most surprising facts about female masturbation. After all, we tend to get off on our own plenty. So let's talk about it. You know you want to.

5 Surprising Facts About Females Jerking Off

Here are the facts about female masturbation, along with our conclusions about them.

1. Fact: 89% of women admit to masturbating. Our Conclusion: The other 11% will only admit to heavy petting.

2. Fact: More than 41% of people have accidentally been caught masturbating. 22.6% of women have intentionally been walked in on. Our Conclusion: Intentionally? Oh, I get it -- they're the martyr-y ones who constantly balk, "If I want something done, I have to do it myself!"

3. Fact: 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation over sex. Our Conclusion: Does this coincide with the finding that 40% of men want their women to have liposuction? Well, screw you, @ssholes. Who needs you anyway?

4. Fact: Studies suggest masturbation may be good for you. Cervical infections might be reduced with frequent personal stimulation. Our Conclusion: As if we needed another reason.

5. Fact: Female porcupines have been witnessed using wooden sticks to masturbate. Our Conclusion: What did you expect? Porcupine dildos are pretty hard to come by.

Which of these female masturbation facts do you find most shocking?


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Anita Harmeyer

love the post!!  made me laugh!!  I had to read it to my fiance.  lmao!!  the last one was the best.  rolling on floor

nonmember avatar JL

I was shocked that 11% admit to heavy petting, from what I hear and know a lot of women do not admit to it at all. I masturbate so what its human nature EVERYONE does it, and if you say you don't everyone knows its a lie. I mean u don't have to share personal stuff but if your boyfriends asks its ok to tell him or even your girl friends. nothing to be ashamed of. And its not gross, if you think it is then you are not comfortable with your own body.

kaema... kaemay885

I'm 25, have a great sex life, and in the 11%. Never touched myself, never even thought about doing it. I always thought if I want to get aroused that's what a man's for. I mean, 89% of women must not get great/fullfilling sex. What a shame. I would never degrade myself nor my body in such a way. If sex rules your life, you have a problem and addiction. I spent almost 3 years away from my fiance and I never once touched myself. I'm I have great confidence and self-esteem. I'm not a prude, but this crosses the line. If you we were supposed to masterbate we wouldn't need a life partner. Take up knitting. 

Traci... Traci_Momof2

Fact: 4 out of 10 women prefer masturbation over sex.  My conclusion:  4 out of 10 women have a partner who doesn't know how to get the job done.  LOL!

Kaemay885:  Never?!?  Not even as a child?  If you say so... but I find it incredibly hard to believe.  It is very common for girls, when discovering their own sexuality, to masturbate.  I myself found great joy in the tub spout and the hand held shower massage when I was a pre-teen.  It's perfectly normal.

If it's not for you, fine.  But no need to insult most of your fellow female human beings by calling it "degrading" or a "problem".  If that's how you view masturbation, dare I say that you are the one with the problem.

Mamab... MamabearC

My only surprise about these findings was the one about the porcupine! Thanks for the article,it made me LOL. fo shizzle.  :D

MizNu... MizNunya25

Most shocking comment here is the lipo stat.. Yikes guys. Acting like you're the ones having the babies.. You try getting your 18 year old body back after pregnancy and childbirth and we will sit back and criticize and obsess over your stretch marks, wider ass, and lower nipples. We don't need to surgically 'fix' our baby battle scars.. We can rock it. 

Lesli... Lesliemom2mzjm

I have a very vivid imagination and as soon as I read #5, I had to crack up at that mental pic....that little porcupine just rubbing away....kind of like the dog in the movie Due Date....too funny!  As for the rest, not a surprise in the least.  Go easy on the people who freak out about the topic.  I'm a pretty conservative (and yes, Christian) 30 something yr old woman who thinks there's nothing wrong with masterbating, but I can understand why there's a whole group of people who were just raised not discussin sex and probably don't do anything more than the missionary position....don't condemn them, feel sorry for them, they don't understand what they're missing out on!  And for those who complain about the article, as others have said, the title clearly shows what you are in for....next time DON'T CLICK!  :)

Yasmin Yasmin

lmbo!!! I am Christian, I don't recall anything in the bible saying we can't, it says basically not to fantasize about anyone other than your husband. That is the danger for some.

If my hubby would try to get me off, I wouldn't have to take care of myself, but, there is never foreplay, so I am on my own. Luckily the urge hardly ever hits.

This is great!

nonmember avatar Kat

OMG! The only thing that shocked me was the one about the liposuction. I have not had kids yet, and am not married, but not once has my boyfriend suggested I get liposuction. He has, however, encouraged me in my desire to get fit and healthy by working out with me. And since this article is about sex and self-pleasure, let me tell you about a cool brain chemical called dopamine and its relationship to physical exercise. Dopamine is called "the desire chemical" by scientists for good reason. It fuels our passions--both sexual and nonsexual. It rushes through us when we're turned on physically by our lover, or when we're excited to take on a new hobby or project. Physical exercise increases not only the endorphins that increase our overall mental health, but it also increases our body's levels of dopamine, causing us to feel physically turned on to the point of desiring to pleasure ourselves or our lover--or both, if we're comfortable enough to do it in front of them. I hope and pray that Kaemay's lover takes it upon himself to show her that self-pleasure is neither degrading nor does it mean that you have a "problem."

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