'Teen Mom 2' Leah & Corey Divorce? Please No!


Say it isn't so! The rumor mills are working over time saying that Teen Mom 2 couple Leah Simms and Corey Messer -- by far the happiest and most stable of the teen mom couples -- are headed to divorce court. 

Both In Touch and OK! magazines reported the split after only six months of marriage. For any of us who watch Teen Mom 2, the news was sobering. Not Leah and Corey! They were the only good thing to come out of the whole show in many ways. The rest of the couples were just a mess and even though some of the girls may land on their feet, Leah and Corey seemed to have the best shot at really making the family thing work.

Sadly, it may not be in the cards for them. In Touch reports that Corey has a spending problem and the final straw came last week when he took $19,000 out of their joint account to buy a new truck. They also claim he cheats.

File this one under: didn't see it coming. Honestly, I didn't.

Yes, I know that the statistics for divorce in couples who are married under 25 are not pretty, but they seemed supportive of one another and like they may be able to make it. They really supported one another through the problems with baby Ali. They seemed to have real longevity. Maybe not.

There is hope, though! E! Online reports that it is all lies and that the two are fine.

Let's hope it is. These are two I would like to see make it for the long haul if only just because they really are working so hard.

Do you think these two can make it?



Image via MTV

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tangl... tangleballlover

Leah said on Twitter that they are not divorcing.

OK! and In Touch are known for spreading untrue rumors. They've been saying Angelina and Brad are broken up for 5 years now.

chris... chrismom0306

we will all find out when we actually watch the show...LOL; I hope its not true though. I think they are too cute together. I wouldnt really believe anything I read in the tabloids like those mags anyways

buffa... buffalove23

I'm pretty sure ok and in touch are the two least reliable news sources...

Stephanie Brace

Leah debunked this rumor on her Twitter!

xavie... xavierlogan09

i don't think they will last. she was having second thoughts before she married him. plus it's hard to make a relationship work when cameras all over you business. 

Vinta... VintageWife

I hope it's not true. She said on the after show that she is not the type to want to divorce over everything and she takes marriage seriously. I hope she meant it.

Jasmine Broomfield

You can tell this is fake because Leah's last name is MESSER and Corey's last name is SIMMS. Nice try though :))

kaylaird kaylaird

I don't believe it. I mean... Everyone knows those magazines are notorious for the untrue rumors and lies they spew, lol.

LoriA... LoriAnn87

In touch and Ok mag love printing rumors and have know to do so.  I don't think it's true at all and I belive e news.

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