Separated Brother & Sister Find Love on Blind Date


brother sister huggingInternet dating can be totally nerve wracking. After "meeting" on a UK dating site last November, emailing, and exchanging pictures, Sarah Kemp, 42, and George Bentley, 47, decided to take the plunge and go on their first real date at a pub in London.

In person, the pair hit it off immediately. Swapping stories and sharing memories, things started to oddly match up when they spoke of their childhoods. It was after an hour or so that Sarah and George finally realized that they had more in common than they first thought. Ready for the clincher? Yup, they aren't just related ... they're brother and sister. Siblings that hadn't seen each other since 1975. Sitting in a restaurant. On a date. A ROMANTIC DATE.

And they've seen each other twice since.

Okay, not in a sexy-time sort of way. Reportedly Sarah and George want to see each other as often as possible to catch up on the time they spent apart, which totally makes sense. After the big realization, the duo decided to celebrate finding one another with champagne and drank themselves silly. Call me crazy but I just can't help but wonder about their attraction. Did things get a bit awkward once the alcohol was involved? You don't just go meeting a man in a bar from the web that you're not totally in to -- and expect that feeling to disappear, right?

One thing's for sure, this must have been hella embarrassing. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is not your standard "I'm looking for love" dating site. This is a website that advertises not to worry about the food, and shows pictures of breasts, half-naked women, and 6-pack abs right on the landing page! And this is how Sarah found her long-lost brother? What if they didn't put two-and-two together? They could have been the next big incestuous baby-making couple.

So how did they lose one another in the first place? Well, the siblings' parents got divorced in 1975. Sarah went with their mom, David went with their dad. And although the duo sought one another as adults, the search was made much more difficult when Sarah was married, then divorced, and kept her ex-husband's surname. Their chances at being reunited again under these circumstances? About 500 million-to-one.

Good for them, even if the tale's a tad awkward. When all's said and done, this is actually a odd happy story. One that they'll hopefully tell their kids, from separate marriages, one day.

What do you think of their story? Could you imagine being attracted to your brother?

Image via Miss Molly G. Willikers/Flickr

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Peajewel Peajewel

This is funny.  Gross, but funny.  I have a brother and a step brother.  I do not talk to my step brother much and we are not related by blood at all but I would still want to puke if I found out we were talking dirty on line to each other.  I am laughing pretty hard though. 

surprise mini

jalaz77 jalaz77

Awkward! Glad they found each other, crappy parenting for keeping those kids separated though.

Cryst... CrystalCloud

It's sad that the parents divorced and never kept contact with one another for the kids sake. Any way, in the cited article they look so much alike! It's word but they didn't know they were related so you can't used that against them.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

Hopefully they weren't trading nudie pictures. THAT would be awkward.

autod... autodidact

so what, those who are missing siblings shouldn't date? 

Mary Jean Johnson

    I'M sure once their found out they were sister & brother., things went well.,

     sad story, but happy ending.,

LilyCT LilyCT

I can see how the brother wouldn't know she was his sister, but she should have known his name was the same as her brother's. The fact that his last name was her maiden name should have been a huge red flag!

Linus77 Linus77

They hit it off, doesn't mean they were attracted to each other.  When they realized who the other was, the connection the felt more than likely fell into place and made sense.

nonmember avatar Oshao

I'm glad they found each other, but let's not jump to conclusions here; you did say 'they COULD be the next big incest couple' but many readers interprete it wrong. A phenomenon like this has a term, calling it 'generic attraction'.

It really should not be that big of a deal now in the 21st century. Besides this, they are fully mature people who are mentally developed and therefore perfectly capable of reasoning; if in the end they still choose to pursue their romance, I say let them. It's their right to make that choice. I for one will not think less of them if they choose each other over what the rest thinks. That is as long they refrain from reproduction, even though the risk of miscarriage is higher, it is not as high as most people are made to believe. In my honest opinion, still not worth the risk for the baby's sake. So here I encourage people to show understanding for people who (accidentally) fall in love with their sibling. Like I said, I do discourage reproduction for obvious reasons as per nature's intention.

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