Tamra Barney Plunge With Eddie Judge Is Painful to Watch


tamra barrneyI go back and forth about Tamra Barney. Sometimes -- like, so far in this season of Real Housewives of Orange County -- I like her (mostly because I hate Gretchen Rossi so much). Other times, she makes me want to put my fist through the television. When I hear that she's already talking about marrying her new boyfriend, Eddie Judge, though -- I just feel sorry for her.

If you watched Real Housewives last Sunday, you know that there are few things more awkward to ever grace the screen than the "bathtub scene" with Tamra and her boyfriend. It was gross. He looked horrified. She looked pathetic. Now she's talking about marriage with him?! I don't know about you guys, but I didn't think the two them screamed "ready to tie the knot."

If you ask me, I think Tamra is a little thing called infatuated -- and she doesn't know how to be alone.

Tamra's certainly not the first person in the history of the world to have a rebound romance. I'm all for rebound romances. Get your mind off the guy, have a little fun, no harm, no foul. But the difference between Tamra and lots of other women is the fact that she can't be alone. For five seconds. And she and Eddie clearly aren't meant for one another.

Yes, they had their hands all over one another when they went out to dinner with that other dude (which, awkward for him), but lust and midlife angst (is there such a thing?) is not real romance. It is probably the result of being in a crappy, sexless marriage for so long. My guess is when she and Simon first met, they acted in a similar way.

So, Tamra, I ask you, beg you, just slow down. Get to know yourself without a dude. Take up knitting. Go see a foreign film. Take a weekend trip alone. Because everyone knows -- I think even you deep, deep, deep, deep down -- that this is just not meant to be.

What do you think of Tamra already talking about marriage?


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Lois. Lois.

I raised my eyebrow when I heard her talking marriage to.  They seeme dto be in a new and exciting relationship.  She should wait until the newnes of everything wears off and see how their relationship is. 

Anna Kammerzelt

i was hoping this page will be left unattended! sigh :(

nonmember avatar MJ

I think this is a lust relationship It's not about Love. And I think Tamra wants to be 20 years old again.

Sherrian Fuson Francis

Just thought she was nauseating last season. Marry this guy? R u kidding me? He needs 2 see a dentist desperately. Those teeth are more like a mouth full of fangs. She would fall for anything that moves -- male or female, it seems. Talk about Miss Insecurity. With those blown up boobs, lips & a forehead that won't move she's in for some real heartache.

Nance... Nance7762LI

I agree she needs to go slow,it would be such a big mistake to get married.The girl has issues with men,she admitted it when she went to see her father.She knows she makes bad decisions,she better listen to what people are telling her and not her own "wisdom".One more thing,I love Gretchen,more Haters?!!lol

mxtrisha mxtrisha

  I personally LOVE Gretchen.. She seems to have loads of fresh ideas in her head and she doesn't give a hoot what anyone thinks about her or Slade.. Not that I like him so much but I really do like her.. Now as far as Tamera  I think she is pretty much trying to recapture her youth or something in the way if it.. She also doesn't seem too sure of herself.. She needs to take time out to get to know who she is and what she really wants before she dives into another marriage..Eddie seems to be just enjoying the ride in my opinion and the fame that the show is giving him probably isn't going to hurt his business either..

Taunee Perry

Think she needs to know how happy she can be alone and loving herself first.

harle... harleyd123

i feel uncomfortablw watching them together...........i think we're going to find out that he is gay.

Susan Harrison

she is pathetic and terribly desperate .. what a joke when she said I love u to him .. and he said U love me eh? horrible bathtub scene .. more like mini porno LOLOLOLOL .. hate her .. LOVE Gretchen !

Tracy Widmer Mullen

I have to say incredibly uncomfortable to watch Tamra and Eddie in the bathtub. Please Bravo and Real Housewives franchise no more cringe worthy sex scenes. Don't want to know and or see. If she was smart she could have done that in private not for all the world to see. But I guess that doesn't get the ratings. I have to say my favorite is Vicki and I really can not stand Gretchen. I don't think if Slade is a Man he could stand to be around her that much longer with her attitude. New York and OC Housewives were my favorites, now I think Beverly Hills will replace the OC. Can't wait to see what is up with New York.

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