Northwestern Sex Toy Demonstration = Crucial Life Skill


You won't find this lesson in here.
Faith Kroll
and Jim Marcus have caused a heap of trouble at Northwestern University after their human sexuality "lecture" gave 100 students a full view of Kroll's naked body while her fiance -- Marcus, a 45-year-old guest lecturer on kink -- masturbated her with a "sex saw," a device designed to bring a woman to orgasm with a saw-like motion.

One hundred Northwestern students are now scarred for life if you believe the university president, Morton Schapiro, who is launching an investigation into the live sex act, which was performed for students as part of an optional after-class lecture.

Maybe it's because I just returned from Amsterdam where live sex shows are everywhere or maybe it's because I honestly believe that the more we know about sex, the better it is, but I don't see a darn thing wrong with it.

The class was voluntary, the participants consented, and the act probably taught the students a whole lot about human sexuality and the female orgasm. So what is the problem? According to the Sun-Times, Schapiro said:

I feel it represented extremely poor judgment on the part of our faculty member. I simply do not believe this was appropriate, necessary, or in keeping with Northwestern University’s academic mission.

OK, well the academic mission of any college ought to be to prepare students for life. I went to a sex toy informational session on my college campus and, although there was no demonstration, there was a lot of informative and interesting discussion. The fact is, masturbation is an important part of sexuality. Although in this case, a partner was involved, the basic premise is that a sex toy is a part of (gasp!) human sexuality! The very title of the class!

The toy, as described by users, is technically a BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism) toy but it’s not about pain. Quite the opposite. The idea is that the tool can provide a woman with an orgasm in three minutes. Fantastic.

So why are people getting all prude-y about this? Let's review: Students were warned. The people demonstrating it were in a committed relationship. And finally, the class is called HUMAN SEXUALITY. It's not about geology, people.

We should all learn how to successfully have an orgasm on our own or with a partner. If this class brought some women closer to that possibility in their own lives, then it has merit. The curriculum wasn't encouraging promiscuity or anything of the sort. It was teaching a life skill we all ought to know, one that is no less important than how to tie our shoes or solve a math equation.

Actually, scratch that. I use my orgasm skills a lot more in my real life than I do my algebra ones. I'd say it's more important.

Do you think learning to use sex toys is important?


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Asilee Asilee

Oh my...

nonmember avatar burke

If the students weren't interested, why were they there? Voluntary and consented...'nuff said!

cecil... cecilmansmom

the word porn comes to mind

Diana Morris

I'm all for this! Knowledge is power.

Clive Oldfield

Anyone who feels uncomfortable with this issue needs to take a step back and view the reasons for their own prudishness. We're not talking 12 year-olds here, these are mature adults who are having an active interest in educating themselves in a society where the very word masturbation has sordid connotations. Why is that? Everyone does it, yet few admit to it. A class on human sexuality - thank goodness there are efforts to take the country out of the 18th century and in to the 21st. Kudos to the lecturers!

Lacy Guzman

This is spreading perversion.  Our standards are falling so quickly, they will soon be gone.  Continue to support the downfall of our society to prove you are progressive.  I'm sure the other morally bancrupt will be impressed by you.

Lacy Guzman

And let's not kid ourselves.  This is not about education.  You can find porn by typing pr0n into google.  You don't even need to be literate.

Anast... Anastazia975

How in the heck is a human sexuality course a perversion?? It's sex!! You have a child, so unless you adopted, you had sex. People masturbate. It's a part of life. Maybe if more people were comfortable with their bodies and every amazing thing it does, we would be a lot less pissy in this world. Just my thoughts. Sex is not a dirty word. And kink is by far more main stream than you think.

Kathleen Wylie Willis

I think you're being very generous calling most college students "mature". This is a ridiculous discussion where people are being called prudish for not wanting their college students to be exposed to live sex acts as part of a class. I'm no prude, but live sex acts as part of a class--that goes beyond the pale of acceptable behavior on a college campus. And yes, I'm being judgmental, because I don't believe that using sex toys and watching porn/live sex acts or s&m are necessary life skills or necessary to having a healthy, happy sex life. Haven't been for thousands of years: why now? Do it at home, in a club, write a book, send a letter to Hustler. these folks are obviously into having an audience and it shouldn't consist of college kids.

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