Prescription Pill That Prevents Divorce? Drug Me Up!


Prescription drugsWould you take a prescription drug to improve your marriage? If you were Matt French's patient, you might. French, a chiropractic physician in Arizona, is touting the use of the hormone oxytocin as a treatment for marital issues.

Oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, is produced by the brain's pituitary gland and is known for the role it plays in the bonding of parents to their newborns. Moms may also recognize the name of synthetic oxytocin, Pitocin, as the hormone given to pregnant women to help induce or speed up their labor.

In French’s Wellness Solutions Clinic, he prescribes daily doses of oxytocin, in the form of a bioidentical hormone, for both spouses in a distressed marriage, particularly if their problems involve intimacy issues. He cites anecdotal evidence from patients who are feeling “more open and more concerned with the people around them” as proof that the supplemental oxytocin works.


Other research has shown that increased oxytocin can actually have the opposite effect on a person. For example, women who have high levels of oxytocin and have recently had a bad relationship experience are more likely to be anxious and less forgiving.

So how do you know which way the oxytocin is going to affect you? Well, you don't. Which leads me to think that taking a daily supplement of oxytocin is not the route I would go if I were having marital issues. Relying on drugs, especially one whose efficacy has not been scientifically proven and whose long-term side effects are not known, seems like a quick fix for these couples without having them actually dealing with their real marital issues. And that is if it works.

If you're looking for an all natural way to increase your body's production of oxytocin? Have an orgasm or two. Orgasms release oxytocin into the blood stream, one of the reasons we feel so relaxed post-sex. And orgasms are always good for your relationship.

Would you take oxytocin to try and improve your marriage?


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nonmember avatar Shelly

Umm...of course, drugs will make you loose some inhibition and bad feelings. What happens when you don't take them anymore? I'm guessing the problems are still there. It's like replacing heroin with methadone. Come on, this is ridiculous. It's not SOLVING anything. In fact, it would make it worse.

nonmember avatar Acraigana

no!!! that's narcotic dude. i don't understand why womans take Oxycontin for sex. that's observed. go natural having orgasm. not drugs. ppl having problem having natural orgasms got to seek help.

Abbey Baxter

Hell no! If it's not working, it doesn't matter if you love the person or not, it's not working. Whats next? Guys get this saying they need it and then they slip it in their woman's drink so they can beat her ass and she stays? No thank you.

Missi... MissiHampt

Or you could just drink instead. Same idea....jyst a band aid for your problems.

Sweet... Sweet_Holly

bahahaha not oxycontin... oxytocin ... completely different.. hormone is not a narcotic O_o

twinm... twinmommy27

It's OXYTOCIN. Your body will produce naturally when you give or get hugs and affection.

Sooo hug and kiss your spouse everyday!!

bdfly... bdflykisses

its like taking estrogen not like popping ecstacy!!  what's wrong with you women??  can you read??

LaPri... LaPrincessa80

Its Oxytocin. NOT OXYCONTIN, There is a difference.

LaPri... LaPrincessa80

LOL bdflykisses. My thoughst exactly.

dandy621 dandy621

If you are having marital issues, a pill won't fix it!!!!!!!! If you need hormone therapy due to a hormone imbalance, i am all for using the medicine.

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