World's Most Gullible Man Loses $200K in Love Scam


lonely manI once bought a pair of Ray-Bans on eBay for $20. The seller had poor reviews but I ignored that and went ahead and sent a check, since they didn't accept PayPal. I never got my sunglasses -- I was scammed, and worst part was, I kinda saw it coming. An Illinois man can relate to my pain. He found himself in a similar situation, only on a grander scale. Like 10,000 times grander.

The poor guy gave $200,000 to his online girlfriend whom he'd never met nor spoken to. And when he called the police, it was to save her!

The 48-year-old man went to the Naperville, Illinois police to try and rescue the woman, who he believed had been kidnapped in London. It's then that the police realized he had been scammed, and that she'd provided a fake Florida driver's license as ID.

Apparently the man didn't see the red flags when she was requesting he wire money to accounts all across the U.S. and to countries like Malaysia and Nigeria. He was "in disbelief" when he learned she didn't exist.

Really, dude? Nigeria? If you ever see that word in an email, you can pretty much be assured you're about to get punked. Oh, it breaks my heart. I hope someone warns him soon that there aren't any Princes that need his cash.

It is a little surprising that a man naive enough to give away $200K is smart enough to have saved $200K, but I guess that just speaks to the power of love. I think Huey Lewis put it best when he said, "You don't need money, don't take fame/ Don't need no credit card to ride this train/ It's strong and it's sudden and it's cruel sometimes/ But it just might save your life/ That's the power of love."

If only the guy had listened to some mid-1980s rock. He would've known he don't need money! I wish I had some savings to send this guy to cheer him up, but alas all my money was scammed out of me during the bad Ray-Ban deal last spring. I feel ya, buddy.

Have you done anything crazy or stupid in the name of love?

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nmmama09 nmmama09

You'd be surprised at how "smart" people can fall for these scams. My FIL, an educated man who worked for IBM, fell for the old "You won a million dollars and a car!" scam. We didn't know he had been sending these people money until he called ME, asking if I could loan him $150, because that was all they needed in order to send him his money and his car. If I lent him the money, he was going to give us a part of his "winnings." Tempting, no? When I refused to give him the money, he got upset and didn't talk to us for awhile. As for doing stupid stuff in the name of love, I don't think I have done anything that comes close to this story.

guess... guesswho123

Yes, I knew a man When I was in my twenties and he had a previously been married and his wife had some kind of scam going and took him for a ride , money wise and then left him without a lot of things he had when he had married her.  She belonged to some kind of ring of gangsters.

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