I Love Cameron Diaz for Loving Porn


Cameron DiazCameron Diaz, the leggy, sexy, serial dating movie star, recently confessed to loving porn on national television. Diaz appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to promote her upcoming movie Bad Teacher, in which she stars with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel.

Diaz, who's had her fair share of boyfriends over the years including Matt Dillon, Jared Leto and currently Alex Rodriquez, has made her love of sex public before. She credits having lots of sex with keeping her looking young. But this very public porn revelation is sure to get her some haters. But also to win her some new fans. Like me.

She's my hero.

Why? Because she's up-front about love, relationships, sex, and now porn. Specifically, in-room porn, the kind you can discretely order and enjoy from the privacy of your hotel room. And we know she travels quite a bit.

I've been known to travel too and totally get where she's coming from with this. Pornography can have a place in a loving, monogamous relationship. For me, if it's soft-core, porn is just something different to spice up my sex life with my husband, like incorporating sex toys. It doesn't take away from the sanctity of our marriage. It adds to our intimacy.

Diaz's honesty is refreshing. She's a woman who has the self confidence to live her life how she wants without caring what other people say. And there will be those who criticize her choices, saying she’s trashy, classless and just looking for attention. Well, maybe she is looking for attention. She got mine. And I say more power to her.

We should all be a bit more like her. Upfront and comfortable with our sexuality. Not caring what our critics say, being secure in our life choices. Especially admitting to the fact that we love fried pickles.

Do you applaud Cameron Diaz's honesty?

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*applauds* Well-said, HaydensMom178.

nonmember avatar Linda P.

HaydensMom178, I am happy with my intimate life. Porn has givin me much enjoyment. I'm no expert but by my own experience I'd say most generalisations about porn are pure lies. There are weak people who become addicted to --- (pick a weakness). As for porn being an elixir for a faded marrage, that is nonsense.You seem quite bitter for some reason. If you're dealing with an issue I wish you the best. L.P.


Quit while you're ahead "Linda P".

Anast... Anastazia975

Wow. This is almost as entertaining as the breastfeeding wars! sidesplittinglaughter

nonmember avatar Jules

HaydensMom178 (& AJ), quit with your attempts at slut shaming.

Oh, and HaydensMom178? This quote? "So, I guess because I don't like the nasty stuff, don't want to look like the disease-ridden drug-addicted hollow women in those movies, then I'm sex-negative, right?" PLEASE show us your sources that back up this passive aggressive snark of yours.

Hayde... HaydensMom178

For one, did you even read some of these replies-"If women were more accepting of it (men watching porn), then they wouldn't have to lie about it so much."  And following that, "the author of this article is mature and honest and I'd say she has a very healthy relationship."  Meaning what?  Those of us who don't watch porn aren't mature and honest?  Those of us who don't watch porn don't have a healthy relationship?  It's the same thing when you look up "positive sexuality" websites for teens.  They discuss all kinds of things (questionable and otherwise).  They also tend to ask if you're "emotionally" ready for sex.  What are some of the guidelines to being "emotionally" ready for sex?  Being able to separate emotion from sex, of course!  Also, there have been many well-known women who claim to be "sex-positive" who encourage girls to just have sex, get it over with, it's no big deal, and tell them not to expect anything (emotionally or otherwise) and then wonder why these girls are having sex that they don't want and that isn't good for them.  Do you see a pattern here?  If not, re-read what I just typed-society is telling young girls (and all women) that you should have sex without emotion.

Hayde... HaydensMom178

  You should just do it already and get over this notion that it's special because "they always set themselves up for disappointment if they expect anything."  And have you ever even taken a look at the media?  Hello!  All the media and all of society tells us is that we need to be "hot" or "sexy" at all times.  We're to model "women" like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears?  We're to dress like them, act "sexy" like them, and do any and everything in the bedroom-nothing is off-limits to be "normal".  However, if a woman sets limits in and out of the bedroom, then she is called frigid, she isn't really happy, she is into trying to oppress women, a traitor to women, or stupid, ignorant, or a doormat.  Or better yet, if a woman can't be cavalier about sex, then she has "hangups" and needs to get over them, quick!  It wasn't passive-aggressive-try taking a look at the messages we are getting.  All you have to do is open your eyes! 

nonmember avatar Gretchen

I believe both this issue and the topic of masturbation from another article more to do with the degree of security an individual woman has with her own emotions and in her perception of her partner's feelings towards her. I don't have any burning desire to watch porn, but I have watched in the past and likely will again if I feel so inclined. I don't give a flip if my husband watches. There are things he can see and enjoy vicariously that I have no interest in actually experiencing. Due to health issues, our sex life is no longer barn burning, but I would not change it. I love him...he loves me. Masturbation and porn are not barometers of our affection. My husband is honest to a fault. I trust him beyond measure. Thirty minutes of watching porn with his own happy ending is not going to be the catalyst of our demise. I am certain that there are many men who do not view porn or masturbate, but women sometimes women create unnecessary taboos within a relationship. I do not doubt those women who assert that they and their spouses are fulfilled without additional aids; however, those of us who find pleasure in either porn or masturbation are no less content. Am I enough for my husband? Sure. Are three square meals enough to satisfy hunger? Well, yes, but I still like dessert occasionally. It is counterproductive for women to criticize the opinions and relationships of others. My husband's interest in videotaped naked people doesn't reflect his love or lack thereof for me.

legal... legalmommy101

Cameron Diaz is an idiot and so is every single woman that states porn empowers women!

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