I Love Cameron Diaz for Loving Porn


Cameron DiazCameron Diaz, the leggy, sexy, serial dating movie star, recently confessed to loving porn on national television. Diaz appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to promote her upcoming movie Bad Teacher, in which she stars with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel.

Diaz, who's had her fair share of boyfriends over the years including Matt Dillon, Jared Leto and currently Alex Rodriquez, has made her love of sex public before. She credits having lots of sex with keeping her looking young. But this very public porn revelation is sure to get her some haters. But also to win her some new fans. Like me.

She's my hero.

Why? Because she's up-front about love, relationships, sex, and now porn. Specifically, in-room porn, the kind you can discretely order and enjoy from the privacy of your hotel room. And we know she travels quite a bit.

I've been known to travel too and totally get where she's coming from with this. Pornography can have a place in a loving, monogamous relationship. For me, if it's soft-core, porn is just something different to spice up my sex life with my husband, like incorporating sex toys. It doesn't take away from the sanctity of our marriage. It adds to our intimacy.

Diaz's honesty is refreshing. She's a woman who has the self confidence to live her life how she wants without caring what other people say. And there will be those who criticize her choices, saying she’s trashy, classless and just looking for attention. Well, maybe she is looking for attention. She got mine. And I say more power to her.

We should all be a bit more like her. Upfront and comfortable with our sexuality. Not caring what our critics say, being secure in our life choices. Especially admitting to the fact that we love fried pickles.

Do you applaud Cameron Diaz's honesty?

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nonmember avatar Sara

Wow, some people are way too uptight! Totally agree with you and love that she owns it. For everyone else, the perceptions that porn is necessarily addicting or is in some way unhealthy are completely false. If your marriage or relationship is headed for turmoil, it will get there with or without porn. The rest of us who are living happily ever after will enjoy the extra entertainment along the way.

nonmember avatar yadayada

every guy watches porn here and there (most guys watch porn consistently, the rest watch it sporadically) (and some women too). porn is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. if some women were more accepting then men wouldn't have to lie about it as much as they do. the writer of this article is mature and honest, and so i would say she has a very healthy relationship.

Kris Gamble

No, yadayada, I'll say it again, that is not fair on guys who avoid it. That's like telling vegans that all people eat animal products, and if you say you don't you must be lying.

Kris Gamble

And Sara, I can do without that kind of entertainment, I don't think I'm being uptight or missing anything :)

nonmember avatar Katie

I agree with Cameron! And I hope to god it keeps me looking young! good on you Cameron.

Hayde... HaydensMom178

First thing, the article:  I think she is presenting herself as slutty and it seems she's seeking attention.  She says that she has lots of sex (it's with different guys here)-as one pp said, she'll get an std-now she admits to "loving porn"?  Perhaps the reason she isn't married and doesn't have kids yet is because of this persona she shows everyone.  If she actually acted her age and presented herself as a lady, she wouldn't be burning through all of these men.

Second of all, for those who generalize that every relationship needs porn as a shot in the arm, that's just not true.  Also, those who say that all men look at porn and masturbate, it's also not necessarily true.  My husband did, up until a few years ago.  Now, he doesn't (I didn't make him stop, he did it on his own).  He wasn't addicted to it or anything, but he said it stopped doing it for him because all he saw and wanted to see was me.  Do I think my husband is lying?  No.  He's always been very honest with me.  We don't have to lie to each other.  For those who think that I'm a fool or being duped, you're too skeptical and perhaps since you don't actually believe that a relationship can work without porn, that's why your guy watches it. 

Hayde... HaydensMom178

Third of all, why is it that the opinion here is that if you say that you love porn, you're "comfortable with your sexuality"?  I don't watch porn-I think it's nasty.  I'm not frigid.  My husband and I are very active-without porn.  I am very comfortable with my sexuality, I just don't need anything to enhance it, nor do I need to announce to the whole world what my husband and I do together.  Sexuality is private, and we prefer to keep it that way.

nonmember avatar Linda P.

I watched porn at my bf's house when I was 16, said it was gross and left. That's been many years ago. I was just putting on an act cause girls were not supposed to like that stuff. I've enjoyed it ever since by myself and with hubby. My choice, not yours so keep your negativity to yourself.

Hayde... HaydensMom178

Linda P., what I'm trying to say is that the generalizations are ridiculous and don't apply to everybody.  This stupid standard that if you're "comfortable with your sexuality" then you'll watch porn or do anything sexually whether you want to or not is ridiculous.  I want for some women to know that no, that isn't necessarily everyone and it doesn't make you abnormal if you don't like porn, don't watch it (with or without your husband) or if you don't have all kinds of sexual experience or don't do weird kinky stuff with your husband.  That's what everyone tells us these days-you have to act and look like a porn star and you  have to watch porn as well to be one of the "in" kids.  Because that's what "everyone" is doing.  Then if, like me, you come out and say, "That isn't true, I don't do those kinds of things and me and my husband are perfectly happy" you're branded as being "negative."  Right?  Isn't that what was said?  To keep my negativity to myself?  So, I guess because I don't like the nasty stuff, don't want to look like the disease-ridden drug-addicted hollow women in those movies, then I'm sex-negative, right?  I beg to differ.  I believe that encouraging all of that and behavior of women that they really don't want to do but do anyway because it's what everyone tells them is sex negative. 


Hayde... HaydensMom178

BTW, if porn is so empowering, try looking up all of those poor lost girls who star in those movies and find out how many of them are or have been drug-addicted or have gotten STDs?  If porn made them so happy, why would they do drugs like that?  How can you be happy to have an STD?  I don't believe porn makes sex positive-quite the opposite.

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