Lindsay Lohan Dating Again! You Won't Believe Who


Lindsay LohanIt must have been that white dress.

Lindsay Lohan and her on again, off again lady lover, Samantha Ronson, are back together. Sam tweeted (and this is letter for letter, I would never spell nor punctuate like this):

watching grey's anatomy- my fav show- @lindsaylohan sleeping next 2 me- should i wake her up to let her know her mom is going on GMA? #why

A few questions. People still watch Grey's Anatomy? That is a surprise. Also -- is Lindsay stable enough to enter into a relationship that's proven to be volatile? I wonder what Dr. Drew has to say about this. And I wonder if Linds gave Sam that stolen necklace.

Let's dissect the tweet here for a second. We know that Lindsay and Sam are neighbors (god bless our Lindsay for having the audacity to move into the house next to her ex's because apparently Lindsay got what she wanted), so it wouldn't really be any inconvenience at all to have a sleepover. It's practically like they're roommates.

We can't assume they're in bed, so maybe Lindsay just fell asleep on the couch next to Sam. Maybe it's Sam causing all the rumors and drama this time by tweeting this, implying a relationship, when really they're just two friends watching TV on the sofa.

I'm also intrigued by Sam's mention of the Lohan's mom, Dina. We all know she's a pile of nut bags wrapped in a sack of crazy, and I get the feeling that Sam doesn't want to spill the bad news to Lindsay. I like that she's protective and that we can infer they think Dina going on any show of any nature is absurd.

And finally, is Lindsay stable enough to be dating again? After rehabs and courtroom appearances, she needs to take a moment to herself. Maybe a little alone time in Hawaii to clear her head. But I can't say I blame Sam for rekindling with Linds -- I was tempted to try for a piece of the action when I saw her in the white dress.

How long do you think Sam and Lindsay will last this time?

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charl... charlottej

I reeally think you need to get a life and worry about something else.

russe... russelsprout

LOL this has nothign to do with relationships for parents. SORRY

kisse... kisses5050

found my daughters Lindsay Lohan Barbie while cleaning the other day... I said  "keep or doante?" to her she said  "Hummm not sure I still use her to play mean girls and shes the barbie all the others visit in the hospital"

Carrie Humphrey

nice comment looser....very original .

Lucifina BloodRavyn

Dude... Whether she is or she isn't back with her "ex-girlfriend" I just hope she's legit. There were too many men and women in the gay community who were pissed off because everyone pegged her as faking it, trying to get a rise or appear edgy.
I don't give a damn. What two (or sometimes three or four) people do behind closed doors is their own business. Leave it alone.

.Peac... .Peaches.

"...a pile of nut bags wrapped in a sack of crazy..." EPIC! LMAO, I gotta start using that!

That girl is a constant train wreck...and until she starts taking responsiblity for her actions, staying clean, not inviting drama into her life, and acting like an ADULT and a LADY, she's always going to have a chaotic life.

Rose-marie Rhéaume-Gaudet Gravelle


nonmember avatar Tay

Can we have The Parent Trap Lindsay back? Please?

Cinder Morse

just get your act together girl, you are only 24 and you are ruining your life. who cares who you are dating, what's important is that you get help you desperately need it.

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