Can Coupons Kill a Relationship?


couponsA lovely couple is out on their first date. Things are going great and they're both having a fun time. The bill comes and the guy generously insists on paying. The girl blushes and is flattered and thankful for the gentlemanly offer. The man reaches into his wallet to get out his credit card and ... what's that?

The girl's blush from butterflies turns into a blush from embarrassment.

It's a coupon. He's using a coupon on their first date.

What do you do?

This actually happened to a friend of mine and she was hell bent on never seeing the guy again. I can sympathize with her in that it doesn't really send a sexy, manly vibe, but what's so wrong with saving a little money?

The coupon shows that he's practical, thinks ahead, and is probably pretty good at saving money. I'd argue those are three things you'd like in any partner, but my friend couldn't be convinced. She found it effeminate and tacky, and inferred that his choice of restaurant was less about her preferences and more about him getting a deal.

I don't think I'd mind if a guy used a coupon, or a gift card, or a Groupon print-out on the first date. I certainly wouldn't mind if a long-term boyfriend or husband used one. To me it shows a strong sense of self, and I like a guy who is commonsensical. I had another conversation with a woman recently who said she'd be mortified if her boyfriend bought her engagement ring on Gilt Groupe. Why?? You could put the money he saved toward a fabulous honeymoon or a down payment on a house. Am I the only one?

What would you think if a guy used a coupon on your date?

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Mares... MaressaSB

Totally agree with you, Lindsay! I'm an out and proud discount shopper, and especially these days, everyone could afford to save a bit. Maybe your friend actually didn't like the guy...but blaming it on the fact that he used a coupon is lame. Some girls are so picky they'll never be happy!!

bigey... bigeyedragdoll

LOL what so embarrasing about that save a little cash. Its good to know the guy thought ahead and as long as it isnt mcdonalds its all good.

angev... angevil53

i would ask where he got it bc i coupon too!

qrex912 qrex912

I do not coupon. I never have, and God willing, I will never ever have to. BUT, I wouldn't be "mortified" if someone used a coupon on a date. I would probably just pick up the tab LOL.

JessL... JessLU434

It is a little weird on the first date; but I mean if the date progress into more than I would whip out the coupon. I am sorry; but I love couponing, but there is a time and place for that.

Chris... ChrisseyP

I'd probably want to marry the guy!  I'm an "extreme" couponer and think it's great when someone whips one of them out.  Goooo dude!

Mom2j... Mom2jngnc

It would not bother me one bit.... in this economy everyone should have a practical side. Sounds to me like your friend wouldn't have been happy if a coupon got pulled out on the 100th date.

Yasmin Yasmin

At a restaurant, I would not mind, but I went shopping with a guy that I was dating, and he actually lectured me about buying things generic to save money. I told him I do, if it is good quality...but if it isn't...generic mac and cheese anyone? then no way. He argued, I thought he was a cheapskate, that killed those warm, mushy feelings really fast.

Musta... MustangShelby

I honestly think it depends on the guy and the chemistry in this situation.  The coupon isn't a problem for me, it's more about how he goes about it, and how he selected this location in the first place, etc.  He can still impress me in a lot of ways on a first date if I feel like he's treating me with respect and the coupon doesn't necessarily ruin that.  And him paying for the date is a good thing, for sure.  If I felt like he'd only taken me to that specific place to use a coupon, though, and really didn't care about whether I had a good time at all?  Yeah, that'd kill the moment.  

nonmember avatar WAHM Solution

Well, not mortified, maybe impressed that he is careful with his money. That can be quite attractive really.

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