The Obama Marriage Is a Big Joke


michelle and barack obamaI am spending Valentine's Day alone. Well, I'll be with my kiddo, but my husband has to work. So, yes, my Valentine's Day dinner consists of dining on Trader Joe's mini chicken tacos, solo, on the couch, watching TV (The Bachelor, of course). 

Aw, don't feel bad. I'm okay with this. Really. You know why? My husband and I follow Michelle Obama's Rule for a Happy Marriage: laugh a lot. Yup, she told a room full of reporters that the key to their lasting marriage is laughter, not taking themselves too seriously.

I like that advice.

And I got to wondering: what does the First Couple laugh about? In these hard times for America and the gravity of the latest news about Egypt, the economy, Afghanistan, what brings President Obama and the First Lady a bit of comic relief? What gives them a much needed chuckle or two?

Oh, to be a fly on that wall in the Executive Residence!

I am not an insect (thankfully), but I can think of some possible things, people, situations where the president and the first missus would slap a knee.

Anything Bill O'Reilly says: His outright disrespect for the president during their pre-Super Bowl interview aside, the daily spew from Bill O'Reilly's mouth most definitely gives them some laughs. An example: the Fox commentator was recently baffled by the cause of tides (um, try the moon's gravitational pull, Bill). Nothing else to do but have an outright guffaw.

Anything Jon Stewart says: For the exact opposite reason they are laughing at Bill O'Reilly. Jon Stewart and the writers on The Daily Show manage to break down the complexity of world situations, explain it to the masses, and keep it so we aren't totally depressed.

When the Cubs lose: The First Family are huge White Sox fans. The bitter rivalry between the Southsiders and the Northsiders has been there since the baseball clubs were formed. You know smiles and giggles erupt when Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox pull out a victory in a Windy City Showdown.

When Bo jumps up on John Boehner: Oh, that darn First Dog. Sometimes, he just gets too riled up, but he's a good boy, of course. Maybe he thought John Boehner was his orange chew-toy (someone needs to lay off the self-tanner, Mr. Speaker).

Any episode of Modern Family: Because this modern first couple knows it is the funniest show on TV. Period.

What else do you think brings the First Couple some laughs?


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ocmom... ocmommy2two

Those mini tacos are the bomb.

Fallaya Fallaya

Anything that deals with the Tea Party activists and the Birthers.  Quite comical imo...

Angela Hobbs

Laughter is definite stress buster any and everytime!

Brad Pranschke

I am sure that they find much humor in taking money from the few that work for it, and give it freely to the ones that don't. You are not welcome Obama to my money. I am the one who worked for it!

Travis Carr

Two Words:Glenn Beck

Jennifer Rodriguez

The thought of Sarah Palin as President. I know it makes me laugh and think of the movie "Idiocracy"....

nonmember avatar stroud09

Wow laughter can't be the only thing that keeps a marriage together! Because if it were that simple there wouldn't be so many divorces.

nonmember avatar Soni

Who cares as long as they are laughing, did they not have a life and inside jokes before the white house pursuit??? The arthur sounds JADED??? Kwanini?

nonmember avatar Margate

Maybe they get a good laugh when they think how they duped the public into putting an inexperienced guy in office. Does he ever make any firm commitments? At least his daughters are nice girls and I do think they are keeping them grounded. That is good!!!

James Boman

I can't for the life of me explain how someone could be stupid enough to put this kind of crap on the internet.

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