Website Helps You Marry a Rich (Obviously Stupid) Man


My Fair LadyA British woman, from a poor family, takes elocution lessons to get rid of her lower class accent and spends time and money on also changing her physical appearance.

Sounds like the plot of the movie My Fair Lady, starring Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, a girl from the slums who sells flowers on the street. I loved that movie but I never thought it would happen in real life.

Kim Perez, a shop clerk in England, dreamed of a better life after marrying and having a daughter at a young age, then getting divorced 20 years later. So she set out to change not only her accent, but also her looks, style of dress, and erase her background. Why? In order to ensnare a wealthy American.

And she succeeded.

With the help of a website called, Perez met David, the rich American man of her dreams. And with the additional help of plastic surgery, an elocution coach, defaulting on her utility bills, and a carefully planned budget wardrobe, she married him and moved across the pond. 

Perez sounds like a shallow wannabe. A real golddigger. And some of the quotes from the first person article depress me:

I knew he had to have serious money. This was the man I had been waiting for.
David’s helping me set up a little fake-tanning business to keep me occupied, because there is only so much shopping you can do!
He’s got that lovely quiet confidence which people who are ­comfortable around wealth have, and it’s very, very sexy.
Apart from my gorgeous husband and our lovely homes, I’ve got a beautiful white Mercedes to drive and a closet full of amazing clothes, not to mention a diamond bracelet and Rolex watch.

Wow, sounds like a match made in heaven. In her article, she does mention that she fell head over heels in love with him in a very short time. Is it possible? The optimist in me says that stranger relationships have succeeded. And on some level, you have to be impressed by her drive and determination to reach her goal of marrying a rich man.

But the pessimist in me says, "No." I give this marriage another year or two. A woman whose own daughter doesn't seem to figure into her life anymore is not someone who I'd want to be in a relationship with. Not to mention all of the friends and family she threw to the wayside when she got married. If they are that disposable, isn't her husband?

Is Kim Perez shallow and pathetic? Or is she a genius?


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2lilb... 2lilbumblebees

I think this is just woman who wanted a better life -- hasnt all of us dreamed of coming into alot of money ( I admit I have dreamed of winning the lottery)  .....

I mean you make it seem as if she left her baby daughter or something, when in fact her daughter would be around 20 years old...meaning her daughter is an adult - she did her job of raising her and even though it isnt ideal, just because she has a (grown) child doesnt mean she cant have her own life.

And just because she moved doesnt mean she threw her family away she could still be in contact with them.


all in all, yes I do think it was ALOT to go through just to marry a rich man - but she had a goal and she followed through with it - she is a grown women and I think it is fine....and EVERY marriage has a 50% chance of working out so who knows !

Ashley Castillo

There is a line in Pride and Prejudice said by Mr. Benetts. He says, "some men do prefer a stupid wife..."

angev... angevil53

well he can completely control her, and i'm sure she wont mind

Isabe... Isabella204

If you marry for money you will earn every penny.  I read that somewhere once. 

ksbon... ksbondgirl

Okay. How does he feel about her now that he knows she married him for his bank account?  I think he will  get a little on the side after hearing about it.  How do his friends feel about her?  How embarrassing for him!

MIA0223 MIA0223

She is a woman who knew what she wanted and got it!
Nothing wrong with it IMO. Why should she be looked down on for having a goal for a better life?

MissMeg MissMeg

But what consists of a "better" life? I'd rather live in a crappy house with a little bit of money with people that made me feel good about myself, than someone who I didn't care for too much who had a crap load of money. I mean it'd be nice to have nice stuff, cuz everyone knows no one can afford everything they want, but... what's it worth? Plastic surgery? I like my face!

Elizabeth Gronewald

But she used him. If this was a man seeking to marry a rich woman, wanting a better life, would you still be on board? This is one person using another as a means to an end. Just because she wanted a better life and we too have dreamed of a better life does not mean that using someone else is acceptable.

kille... killerbeansmom

to each his own....i cant say that given the right opportunity i wouldn't make my move to better my life and my familiy's. i mean is it really any diffrent than going to college, getting an education, and then going after the biggest job and getting it? i understand there is a distinct diffrence in the ethic/moral of the comparison but still, it isn't that diffrent!


nonmember avatar FXlady

I think she is a GENIUS !!!

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