Alabama Sex Shop Deal: Pay for Porn With Pistols


Still not sure what to get your honey for a Valentine's Day gift? Well, if you live in Alabama, you don't need cash to buy a sexy token of your love. All you need is a gun. That's right.

Pleasures, a store in Huntsville, Alabama, is running a promotion that takes a tip from Ludacris and encourages shoppers to think about "trading guns off the streets for FUN between the sheets!"

In other words, you can swap your firearm for a gift card to buy sex toys, lube, videos, stimulants, and lingerie. Now, this is one gun policy the NRA should get behind!

Pleasures owner Sherri Williams explained her rationale for the promo to the New York Daily News, stating:

This way, they can take something that's just lying around and swap it for something they can take home and make love, not war, with ... You never know, maybe there will be someone who says, "I've got this gun that I could go rob a liquor store with, or maybe I can get me a blowup doll for Valentine's Day, instead!"

Turns out, Sherri Williams' husband, a licensed gun dealer, will examine guns that are turned in. If the gun is discovered to have been used in a crime, it will be turned over to local cops. Other guns will be sold at auctions, with the proceeds benefiting victims of gun violence. The store won't profit from the gun sales.

Okay, this is AWESOME. This woman totally has her priorities straight. Yeah, I know there are people who adore their guns. Actually, Alabama is a state that seems to prefer its residents get in bed with a rifle over a Rabbit. (Believe it or not, the state actually requires residents to have a doctor's note to buy sex toys. Ugh.) But, it's about time the tables were turned. Valentine's Day or not, we could all afford to trade in some of our violence for more lovin'!

It drives me nuts that bloodthirsty entertainment or activities (going to a gun range, hunting) are considered less taboo than anything having to do with nudity or consensual sexy times. But Sherri Williams makes a fantastic point: If more of us were enjoying ourselves in bed, we'd have greater Gross National Endorphins (GNE -- hee hee), and in turn, there would be less man-on-man crime!

What do you think ... would you rather be shooting or schtupping?

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moncr... moncrief_tara

where exactly is it required to have a dr note to purchase toys? i live in alabama and i have never had a problem purchasing toys...but, to be more on topic i think this is an excellent idea!

DeenaCWS DeenaCWS

talk about making love not war :).. if only they were getting rid of the guns instead of selling them, but at least the proceeds are going to victims of gun violence.


Xue Nicole

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Fluff... Fluffy0106

I love this store!!! My friends and I love just going in and looking around. Yeah I do usually buy something when I'm there too. When I saw the add on tv I though it was brilliant. I'm not a gun owner bc they scare me but I think its awsome that you can trade a gun for a gift card and buy your sweetie something to make your relationship better. Rock on Pleasures!!! I <3 u.

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