Man Boycotts Valentine's Day Thanks to Stupid Cupid

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broken heartI find this to be so annoying. Some loser is trying grab publicity by calling for a male boycott of Valentine's Day. Oh how original. When's your book out, dude?

Supposed "relationship expert", Marc Rudov, has been trying for five years to get men to grow some balls, he says, and realize that Valentine's day is a sexist holiday centered around greed, materialism, and double standards. It's hard to put your finger on what makes Rudov so charming, isn't it.

Rudov whines that women don't buy men anything, so why should men buy women something? My sash! My beads! Chill out, Drizella. Valentine's Day is not about who gets what.

And I don't think that really comes as a surprise to anyone with half a brain. Sure, Valentine's Day is commercial. But what holiday isn't? Most sane people can look beyond the gimmicks and the seasonal aisles and get to the heart of the matter, as it were. February 14th is a day to take a moment to tell your loved ones how you feel.

In no way is it necessary to buy anything. I'm pretty sure 9 women out of 10 will say a homemade card is way better than flowers delivered with that corporate half-note that has your name spelled wrong.

Rudov has this to say to AOL:

There's nothing romantic about coercing men to oblige female entitlement ...  Valentine's Day artificially and unilaterally caters to women. It's the media's annual male-bashing fest.

Well, there is nothing romantic about entitlement, period. I am, however, willing to concede that there are women out there who demand expensive gifts and pout when the Rolex only has one row of diamonds, but I think we're all pretty real here on this side of the nuthouse. Anything 'thoughful' trumps anything 'expensive', any day of any week.

It's a shame that Rudov has only encountered women who are materialistic and demanding. It's a shame he hasn't met a woman who would give him a gift on V day or would be thankful for something (gasp!) inexpensive.

I know someone who isn't getting one of my Snoopy Valentine's this year.

What do you think of Rudov's boycott?

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ZsMommy ZsMommy

To Rudov..

Puh-Whatevah dude...Pissy cuz you put out too much $$$ over the years and still don't have a girlfriend...Living in Mom's basement maybe???


Okay,Valentine's day is moreso a feminine holiday and a shot to get laid for some guys-but Seriously..Greedy-Let's talk birthday parties-"Hello...come to MY party...make sure you bring ME a gift" -tell me that's not selfish thinking too.

So here I sit with my thumbs touching-forming a "W"...All I expect from my hubby is for him to cook dinner-He did it for our 1st Valentine's Day,and 12 years later-I appreciate the tradition.

Rob Ferrie

i totally agree with Marc Rudov, how many commercials have we seen advertising power drills etc as the perfect present for nomance day ? its all about women :)

Gilbert Perez Perez

I just want to see one commercial that shows a woman buying something for a man. Only one! Hail Marc!

nonmember avatar Tommy L.

I say Marc is on the money. We have fed the princess mentality way over the top with the female side of relationship. Valentines Day doesn't help dissolve this nonsense. Marc Rudov might seem harsh, but he's right. Get real girl's, grow up and be a woman!

nonmember avatar AlwaysRIGHT

I agree with marc. I also would like to point out something - notice how the females who disagree with him don't provide a reasoned rational argument - instead, they put him down, say he's mean, say he's a loser, say he lives in mom's basement, etc. It's just like the liberals who say people who recognize Oblama is a pathetic fraud who is destroying the country with dumbass policies guaranteed to fail and bankrupt our nation - are racists. They don't have real arguments to present.

nonmember avatar I am woman

My boyfriend and I don't exchange gifts, and last year we stayed in and watched a movie. This year I am taking him out because I care about him and appreciate everything he does for me. I am sure this happens a lot more often than those wanting to profit from the holiday or bashers want to admit.

nonmember avatar modestmaven

I am a woman and agree with Marc! Val Day should be reciprocal or not at all. Ah, men..why do you let the princess types treat you like crap? Yeah, I know they are hot. that's the rub.

nonmember avatar Tom M

I think I finally get it. Rudov is so right!!! You have to be against Valentines Day if you're for true equality. Be equally nice to each other every day of the year. None of this lopsided entitled crap disguised as niceness from the servant.

music... musicmomma_89

I agree with him 100%! I've seen SO MANY women get all bitchy because they didn't get a Valentine present and blah blah blah. It's ridiculous! Completely materialistic. Valentines Day is such a pointless holiday.

nonmember avatar MaleMatters

The overwhelming majority of comments so far side with Rudov. Maybe there IS hope for true equality.

Many feminists have spoken of male conspiracies. Valentine's Day is a conspiracy of the ad world to separate men from their money, often by subtly or overtly shaming men into parting with their bucks for a nice gift to "keep them out of the dog house."

When did V Day evolve into a mini-Christmas for wives and girlfriends?

That's a question I ask in "Feminists' V-Day Sign of Male-bashing Times" at

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