10 Reasons Married Ladies Should Skip Valentine's Day


valentine's dayDo you feel that pressure? It's not heartburn from too many Super Bowl snacks. Nope. That, my friends, is the pressure building up for Valentine's Day. The day of romance, love, and Cupid's endless arrows. The day when we focus all of our energy on wooing lovers -- or drowning our sorrows in pints of Cookies 'n' Cream.

That's all fine and dandy for the single people. But if you're married, why bother with all the hassle? You've already promised to spend the rest of your life with your partner -- so why fuss over such a cliched holiday?

Here are 10 very good reasons married women should thank their lucky stars that they can skip the big V-day this year.

Pressure -- Who needs the pressure of planning the perfect day and finding the perfect gift? You don't have time for that kind of stress! All for one silly day? No way.

Candy -- Do you really need (or want) that giant heart filled with cut-rate candy? And if you're like me, your husband is going to eat roughly two-thirds of the box before you even pick up your first piece.

Flowers -- Quite simply, they die. And before that, they wilt and leave pollen all over your table. If you shell out for really good flowers, they might last a week and then you are just left with something to clean up.

Jane Seymour -- Do you really want to be stuck with a tacky piece of jewelry Jane Seymour has been hawking for two months? And you know you'll have to wear it, because your husband is so proud of himself.  

Corporations -- The only reason Valentine's Day even exists is corporate greed. There just had to be a reason to buy their crap between Christmas and Mother's Day, and V-Day was the perfect choice.

Pink -- It makes everyone look fat, even if you are a size two. Plus, it's just so twee. Pink pajamas, socks, lingerie... it doesn't matter, it's just awful and unfortunately ubiquitous during the month of February.  

Gifts -- Is there anything out there that doesn't have hearts on it? Or is a teddy bear, or something else stuffed and cute? Or has lace and frouf all over it? He's not going to wear those heart-covered silky boxers and you probably aren't going to display that ginormous stuffed sock monkey.  

Proof of Love -- Valentine's is the day we are supposed to prove our love to the person we're smitten with. Well, if you are married, don't you think that the act of getting married and sharing your everyday life with your husband is proof enough?  

Expense -- Puh-lease. Flowers, candy, dinner, champagne, plus a gift? There goes the mortgage for the month!  

Sex -- Valentine's Day is all about getting laid, even for your husband. This is the one day of the year that he is absolutely without a doubt going to expect sex. You almost have to have sex. Now tell me, is that worth Jane Seymour's stupid necklace?

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?


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popta... poptart0325

I own one of Jane Seymour's necklaces and I love it. My husband and I never buy V-Day related gifts, we always buy each other things we want or need. And for as long as I can remember, my husband and I have never had sex on V-Day, nor has he ever mentioned anything about it. I guess my husband is just different. I love flowers, every bouquet my husband has ever given me lasted more than a week before they started shedding or dying.

livn4... livn4hevn

I totally disagree. Valentines Day is the one day of the year I'm GUARUNTEED a date with my husband. Once a week date nights just don't happen once a week like they should. I know that at least one day out of the year(two if you count our anniversary!), my husband and I can get dressed up, and go out to dinner like adults. He can woo me and remind me of why we fell in love in the first place. I can feel like a woman again, and not a living breathing snot/baby spit up rag.

I think married couples NEED romance. It's not about the stuff, the sex, the pressure of making a good impression. It's about celebrating the love you have, and acting like kids again. Just for one night!

Danielle Linsley

I'm not celebrating it this year because I'm single..but I don't see anything wrong with people that do want to celebrate it..it can be really fun and romantic.

Poste... PosterOfAGirl

Meh. I never celebrate it. Not even when I was single. I despise the commercialism of the whole holiday. I'd rather my husband show random acts of love throughout the year then one the ONE day it's expected of him and when he's constantly reminded to tell me he loves me because of advertising. Now I don't mind using it as an excuse to send the kiddo off to Mimi's so we can get down with our dirty selves, but that's the best part of valentines day anyways, right?

Kim Blessing

Valentine's has a different meaning for me, since kids. I love decorating and "celebrating" with them and my husband.

As for the romantic dinner, I'd rather babysit for someone that actually cares about it. Then they can pay it back so I can go out w/ my husband and not share it with the crowds.

Fluff... FluffyButt24

I like stuff and more importantly I like it when my husband buys me stuff. no matter the day. <3

Jen-i... Jen-in-law

Clearly written by a man!!! LOL

Tiffany Fisher

tis is terrible! i love the candy and stuffed animals and i love my husband! valentines day is a day to stop and show the one you love you care! it was also the last day we had before my husband leaving for Basic training last year! why celebrate easter? or christmas? i get valentines for my husband,my kids and the rest of my family! i hate that you would keep yourself from such a happy day.

also-my husband doesnt like chocolate much so i get all mine :)

ledbe... ledbetteramy

My hubby and i really dont celebrate it or make a big deal out of it. We might go out to eat we might not depending on how we feel but we so get our girls those HUGE stuffed animals on Vday lol it's a tradition!

Suzi Suzi

My husband and I usually get cards for each other.  My daughter loves to paint hearts and give valentines to her classmates.  I find this article to be quite cynical.  Whether or not Valentine's Day is celebrated is purely up to the couple.  There's no right or wrong way.  If it comes from the heart, that's what matters.  And if my husband goes to the trouble of buying me a piece of jewelry, I'll wear it!

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