Websites That Really Turn Women On


ManoftheHouse.comAh, websites for men. Most of them run along the lines of how to get a woman to sleep with you. Or controlling your excessive sweat glands.

But last summer, Proctor & Gamble launched the site, which is geared towards husbands and fathers.

By targeting the family man, the site hopes to differentiate itself with its mix of content from do-it-yourself instructions for fixing up things around the house to cooking for your children to better understanding your spouse. My favorite post? "Find Her 'C Spots,'" which prods men to help clean around the house in order to bring pleasure to their partners.

After looking through the pages of, I thought of a few more sites that would target the same audience:

1. Includes an interactive game that rewards you each time you put an item of clothing in the hamper by removing an item of clothing from your virtual wife.

2. Site focuses on an illustrated guide written by women for men to help them become more adept at cunninglingus. Interactive features? Pick your vagina model: Brazilian, semi-Brazilian, or au naturel. The virtual vagina moans when you find its G-spot.

3. Features step by step tutorials on how to properly clean up after yourself in the bathroom. Get points for each task you complete: putting the toilet seat down, wiping hair out of the sink, and hanging your towel up. Points can be used to view soft porn photos of famous celebrities.

4. Site is filled with all sorts of tips to keep you out of the doghouse with your wife. And tips to help get you out of there if you screw up royally, like forgetting her birthday or buying her the small size of Russell Stover chocolates for Valentine's Day.

5. Remember all of those times you didn't hear your wife tell you that she was going shopping? And she came home with a new dining room set. Or when you sat on the couch, watching football, and just said "uh huh" when she asked you if you thought it was a good idea for her to dye her hair crimson red? At this site, you can get your hearing tested and also learn to read your wife's non-verbal clues. No interactive reward here. Just the gratitude you'll have when you hear her ask if she should get a chihuahua and name it after your mother.

Any other websites you can think of to help your husband be a better partner?


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nonmember avatar Bree

I realize it's supposed to be humorous, but what sad lives any women who agree with this must have. My man does the laundry, cleans the bathroom, does the dishes, actively listens to me no matter what I'm saying, cleans up after the pets...he does anything really. If you show your husband/boyfriend/partner respect and use proper verbal cues and body language everything runs much smoother. They are humans too, try talking to them like it.


I feel sorry for anyone who has a husband who needs this site. It's just so sad to know some guys need to be told how to do - or not do - ANY of those things. =[ I am so BLESSED with the BEST Man out Husband is incredible in ALL aspects! ;D

Nicho... NicholasMama608

laughingLOVED IT!  I wish was an actual website.  S/O needs that site!

music... musicmomma_89

I SO want to get a chihuaua and name it after his mom now!!!!!!!

Crystal Lutes

Manhood academy is lame, telling woman they are incapable will not make a man capable, plus the comments on the page are imature, why call woman cunts and bitches but say you are acting like a man and not a child?

san3 san3

Ok even my husband had to laugh at this!

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